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Sustainable Textiles and Digital Education

Research Field Natural Textiles and Sustainability


  • Fibre and yarn analyses, - modification and prototype development
  • Development of bio-based semi-finished fibre products out of renweable raw materials for composites
  • Life cycle assessments of fibre materials and textile products
  • Circular- and flat knitted semi-finished natural fibre products and prototypes
  • Development of sustainable promoting product lifecycle extension
  • CO2 Footprint-, land use, energy- and water consumption analyses
  • Evaluation of transparency in the textile chain
  • Analysis of additives in textile processes
  • Implementing sustainability analyses and lifecycle-costings to assess textiles concerning ecological, economical and social aspects
  • Procedures for the application in composite components




Portrait: Dr. André Matthes
Dr. André Matthes
Divison Manager Natural Textiles and Sustainability
  • Phone:
    +49 371 531-35319
  • Fax:
    +49 371 531-835319
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Reichenhainer Straße 70, 09126 Chemnitz
  • Room:
    2/D208 (new: C24.208)

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