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ThermoPre plus

Adaptive technology concepts to increase the range of application of thermoPre® semi-finished products – Chemnitz

Duration: 10/2018 - 09/2021

Funding: Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Innovation Initiative new countries "Unternehmen Region"

Funding Framework: growth core


In the innovative regional growth core thermo¬Pre® (2013 to 2015), the fiber- and process-oriented production of thermoplastic semi-finished products has been researched and developed as a technology suitable for mass production. The focus is on the one-step direct processing "in one heat", which combines previously separated process stages of semi-finished product manufacturing in one processing system. The system technology required for this purpose is modularly structured as a continuous process chain, starting with the reinforcing fibers, through the thermoplastic continuous fiber-reinforced semi-finished products, right through to the load-compatible components. Already manufactured sample components clearly show which improvement of the performance is possible with simultaneous reduction of the costs with thermo¬Pre®.

The second round of the thermo¬Pre® plus growth core was subdivided into a total of 7 joint R & D projects. The technology projects for the research and development of single-stage direct processing technologies. Are produced load-appropriate, component contour near multi-layer composites (preforms), which z. B. consist of several layers of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic thermo-Pre® prepregs.

Project goals:

  • Development of hybrid rovings (polymer / carbon fiber) for component contour near, load path-oriented storage
  • Development of a functionalized interface film with integrated spacer knit:
    • Adhesion of thermoPre preforms to metallic materials
    • Elimination of electrochemical corrosion between carbon fibers and metallic composites


Contact person

Portrait: Dr. Jörg Kaufmann
Dr. Jörg Kaufmann


Portrait: Marc Fleischmann
Marc Fleischmann
Entwicklung Hybridrovings und Spacergestrick
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Portrait: Conrad Ehemann
Conrad Ehemann
Entwicklung Hybridrovings und Spacergestrick
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  • Address:
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Portrait: Jakob Schmidt
Jakob Schmidt

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