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Professorship Technical Thermodynamics

Technical Thermodynamics – Courses

The courses offered by the professorship Technical Thermodynamics provide the thermodynamic and heat engineering basics for mechanical engineering students and further study courses at TU Chemnitz. The foundation is given by the lecture Technical Thermodynamics lasting for two semesters. Specialization is conducted into heat and mass transfer, process and system engineering, thermal energy engineering and energy efficiency including computer-based methods.

Bachelor's program

The course Technical Thermodynamics I forms the basis for each Bachelor and Diploma program at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The aim of this course is to achieve basic knowledge on the energetic processes and their technical applications. Main topics of this course are:

  • the Laws of Thermodynamics,
  • state behaviour of ideal gases and
  • the mechanisms of heat transfer: heat conduction, convective heat transfer, thermal radiation.

Based on this, further courses, e.g. Thermodynamics II and Heat Transfer, can be attended in the master and diploma programs.

Master's and diploma program

The professor is amongst others responsible for the master's course Nachhaltige Energieversorgungstechnologien (Sustainable Energy Technologies). Within this program, studentd can choose the specialization in thermal energy engineering (heat and climate engineering, renewable energies etc.). Here, manifold and interesting courses highly related to practice are offered. The modules can also be chosen by students of mechanical engineerings.

Construction of thermal energy storage CHP plant Chiller

Details on the master's program Nachhaltige Ener­gie­ver­sor­gungs­tech­no­lo­gien
(Sustainable Energy Technologies, in German)

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