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Professorship Technical Thermodynamics

Applied Thermodynamics – Research

Safe and competitive viable energy supply is essential for society. This involves particularly industrial production as well as the construction and mobility sector. The current boundary conditions require an ecological and sustainable transformation. "Chemnitz University Profile" addresses this global challenge with the focus area: Resource-efficient production and and lightweight structures.

Against this background, the research activities of our Applied Thermodynamics group comprise the computation, designing, simulation, monitoring and further development of facilities for the application, storage, conversion and transport of thermal energy. This also involves the invstigation of thermophysical properties and fundamental phenomena of heat and mass transfer.


More about our research topics (only in German):

SolarthermieSolar thermal heat and residential area concepts Thermische EnergiespeicherThermal energy storage
StoffdatenThermophysical properties (under development) Wärmetechnische Apparate

Thermotechnical appliances and processes

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