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Professorship Technical Thermodynamics

Services of the professorship Technical Thermodynamics

The assignment of the professorship Technical Thermodynamics includes tasks at the fields of power and chemical engineering characterized by influences of heat and mass transfer and/or streams of fluids as well as energy conversions. We are able to analyze the following problems, develop proposals for solution and lead and attend projects.

Thermal Energy Storages (hot and cold), Systems for cooling and heating supply, Power-Heat Coupling/Combined Heat and Power and Cooling Processes

  • Concepts for storage implementation, feasibility studies
  • Simulation of systems and storages
  • Evaluation of technology, ecology and economics
  • Development of charging and discharging devices
  • Development and experimental test of storage components
  • Monitoring and analysis of plant operation and optimisation

Contact person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thorsten Urbaneck

Solar thermal plants

  • Supervision and error analysis for solar thermal plants
  • Optimisation of plants
  • Humid air calculations

Contact person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thorsten Urbaneck


  • Energy efficient processes and plants
  • Analysis, modelling and optimisation of apparatuses and processes

Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Daniel Zipplies

If you are interested, please contact the respective researcher.

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