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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

In order to register at the Chemnitz University of Technology, each (international) student has to submit a confirmation of a German statutory health insurance company that confirms that the students are sufficient health insured. Students can choose between public (statutory) and private health insurance companies.

Students from the European Union can use their European Health Insurance Card as proof of sufficient health insurance coverage. They have to get a confirmation (e.g. stamp) of a German health insurance company in order to be able to register at the Chemnitz University of Technology.

Students from non-EU countries most likely will have to take out health insurance in Germany as German health insurance companies cannot always confirm sufficient coverage from third country insurances. Students can choose between private and statutory health insurance companies.

Necessary documents to get health insurance:

  • valid passport
  • bank account details
  • letter of admission from Chemnitz University of Technology/certificate of study


Statutory health insurance

For all statutory health insurance a contribution fee of approx. 105 € per month has to be paid. Statutory health insurance expires after 14 semesters or at the age of 30. Guest researchers (or similar) can only get statutory insurance if a signed working contract with Chemnitz University of Technology is at hand. Die Techniker (TK) is a cooperation partner of Chemnitz University of Technology. However, there are also other statutory health insurance companies in Germany.

Statutory Insurance Companies

Office, WWW

Phone  +49

Contact Person

Die Techniker (TK)

Am Rathaus 2


(0) 151 14534991

Mrs. Andreas

Private health insurance

In general, private health insurance enables the same conditions as public insurance, however, the conditions have to be checked carefully. Private health insurance companies usually refund all medical charges when presenting the bill/receipt. Furthermore, guest researchers (or similar) can take out private health insurance without a working contract at Chemnitz University of Technology. Private health insurance is required if the health insurance of the home country is not accepted in Germany, i.e. for students from countries that have NOT signed a health care agreement with Germany).

  • Insurance can only be taken out for a maximum insurance period of 24 months.

necessary documents to get health insurance:

  • passport
  • bank account details
  • letter of admission from Chemnitz University of Technology/certificate of study


On the Website of Deutsches Studentenwerk can be found further information on health insurances in Germany

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