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Health insurance

Each student who intends to enroll at a university in Germany is subjected to mandatory health insurance.

  1. An enrolment only takes place if a statutory health insurance has confirmed the insurance status

Each university applicant has to get in touch with the responsible statutory health insurance before enrolment and request them to report the proof of insurance status via electronic procedure to the university.

The health insurance reports to the university if the university applicant is insured or not statutorily insured. The insurance certificate will then be sent by your statutory health insurance directly to the University of Chemnitz via electronic data transmission. Please note that the insurance card or a written membership certificate is not sufficient.

It is also possible to free yourself from compulsory insurance and take out a private insurance. In this case you have to contact the statutory health insurance with a proof of private insurance. After that the statutory health insurance reports the insurance status electronically to TU Chemnitz.

The report on the enrolment at TU Chemnitz will be transferred automatically to the health insurance.

  1. Which statutory health insurance is responsible?

For the proof of insurance status via electronic reporting procedure the following health insurances are responsible:

  1. For an insuree who is already insured at a health insurance company the health insurance where he or she is insured is responsible.
  2. For a student subject to compulsory insurance the health insurance by act of law or by choice is responsible.
  3. For a student exempt from insurance or not subject to compulsory insurance the health insurance where an insurance existed at last is responsible, besides that is one of the health insurances which would be responsible or could be chosen for compulsory insurance.
  4. For a student who is freed from compulsory insurance the health insurance which has carried out the exemption is responsible.

Change of health insurance company

For students who change their health insurance company TU Chemnitz requires an electronic reporting about the change between sickness funds from the new health insurance company. Please alert the new health insurance company in that matter.