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Equality and Family
audit familiengerechte hochschule

audit familiengerechte hochschule
(Family-friendly University Audit)

Since March 2001, berufundfamilie GmbH - an initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation - has been promoting and awarding the "audit familiengerechte hochschule". The aim is to develop a family-friendly university culture. The "audit familiengerechte hochschule" is a strategic management tool that shows ways to improve the compatibility of work or studies and family life and to anchor it in university policy in the long term.

Re-Auditing 2020 - For the fifth time in a row, TU Chemnitz received the certificate for the "audit familiengerechte hochschule"

The Chemnitz University of Technology has successfully passed the 2019/2020 audit. Due to the pandemic, the ceremonial presentation of the certificate took place on 15 June 2020 as an online event for the first time in the 22-year history of the audit berufundfamilie.

Review of the first certificate online event [de]

The way is the goal (Archive)

General objectives of the audit

  • A more relaxed training and work situation for students and university employees with family responsibilities.
  • Greater equality of opportunity between employees or students with and without family responsibilities, i.e. especially between women and men, as women still do more family work.
  • A better operating result for universities through more efficient use of staff and a reduction in student drop-outs and duration of studies.
  • Raising the profile and increasing the attractiveness of German universities that assume social responsibility through a more family-friendly university structure.

Target groups

  • "Clients" of the university with family responsibilities: Students, exchange students, external doctoral students, conference and congress participants and participants in university continuing education
  • University employees with families: Scientific staff, non-scientific staff, technical and administrative staff, trainees, professors, female professors, guest lectures and female guest lecturers
  • University functionaries: University management, professors, femal professors, personnel department and staff representatives, women's representative, student council
  • Officials of institutions associated with higher education: Staff of the Studentenwerk

The Hertie Foundation has defined eight fields of action for the audit

Gruppenbild zur Zertifikatsübergabe 2016 mit dem Kommissarischen Rektor Prof. Dr. Andreas Schubert

Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Manuela Schwesig (l.), presented the certificate to the Provisional Rector of TU Chemnitz Prof. Dr. Andreas Schubert (2nd from right) and representatives of other universities.
Photo source: www.berufundfamilie.de
  1. Working, research and study time
  2. Organisation of work, research and studies
  3. Place of work, research and study
  4. information and communication
  5. Leadership
  6. Personnel development and scientific qualification
  7. Fee components and benefits in kind and study financing
  8. Service for families
Zertifikatsübergabe audit familiengerechte hochschule 2010

The Rector of TU Chemnitz Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Klaus-Jürgen Matthes receives the certificate from the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth Dr. Kristina Schröder

In December 2012, Chemnitz University of Technology was again recognized as a family-friendly institution and received the certificate for the "audit familiengerechte hochschule" as part of an extensive re-auditing process. TU Chemnitz has now been able to prove for the third time that family and university are a perfect match.

"The University of Chemnitz would like to continue to offer its employees and students good working and studying conditions so that parenthood and the care of relatives in need of care are well compatible with working or studying at the university", says the women's representative of the TU Chemnitz, Dr. Renate Wißuwa. "The family-conscious university policy is an important element in the overall orientation of our university", says the Rector of the TU Chemnitz, Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl. Family-friendly conditions for study and research are an important location factor, so that students and employees are motivated and enjoy studying and researching at the university. As a family-friendly university, the TU is helping to make Chemnitz a more attractive place to study, work and live.

Chemnitz university members with children can take advantage of a wide range of different family-oriented offers. These range from cooperation with external childcare facilities through special counselling, information and sports services to mentoring programmes for women in the scientific field. Chemnitz University of Technology is also very well supported by the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau, which, for example, has set up play corners in the refectories, offers a free lunch for children or provides parent-child rooms with nappy-changing facilities in the "dwarf campus". But events such as the Children's University Chemnitz, creative afternoons and holiday offers are further puzzle pieces in the overall picture of the family-friendly TU Chemnitz.
"In the coming years, we want to network all of our offerings even better and communicate about them on the central information platform of the family-friendly university", reports Dr. Wißuwa.

As the first university in Saxony, TU Chemnitz was once again audited by berufundfamilie gGmbH in order to prove that their profession, studies and families are a perfect match. In this way, TU Chemnitz wants to signal that it will continue to strive to offer its employees and students working and study conditions that can easily be combined with parenthood and care for relatives in need of care.

As in 2006, the audit procedure was accompanied by Dr. Michael Filié as auditor and prepared and carried out by the project team of the TU Chemnitz. The multi-stage procedure was based on the reports on the family-friendly university audit from the last three years, supplemented by a comprehensive application paper. In the strategy workshop of 17.09.2009 the implementation structure for maintaining the certificate was defined. In addition to a critical review of the objectives of the procedure, this included the sensitive redefinition of the concept of family at Chemnitz Technical University.

The actual audit workshop followed on 08.10.2009, which was reserved for the formulation of measures and target agreements for the work of the next three years. On the basis of this preparatory work, all necessary documents for the family-friendly university audit (re-audit) were submitted to berufundfamilie gGmbH in due time. On 07.12.2009 the TU Chemnitz was informed about the confirmation of the certificate, which is now valid until 07.12.2012.

In July 2006, the university management of Chemnitz University of Technology decided to strive for the certificate "audit family-friendly university". This is awarded by berufundfamilie gGmbH, an initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. The aim of the "Family-Friendly University" project is to achieve a sustainable balance between the operational interests of the university and the family interests of its employees and students and to anchor this in the university in the long term. In 2006 the TU Chemnitz applied for an audit as a "family-friendly university".

The auditors Dr. Michael Fillié and Dr. Heike Maria Linhart accompanied the university through the auditing process. In two workshops, based on an analysis of the current status, strategies, goals and measures for achieving the certificate were defined.

On 30.11.2006, the Hertie Foundation made a positive decision on the audit of the TU Chemnitz, which was the first university in Saxony to receive the audit basic certificate for the audit family-friendly university. The university had three years to implement the measures developed in the individual fields of action. This was followed by a re-audit.

Vertragsunterzeichnung zum audit familiengerechte hochschule 2006

The Rector of TU Chemnitz Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Matthes and auditor Dr. Michael Fillié signed the contract for the audit family-friendly university on 07.09.2006.