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Equality and Family
Equality in Research Associations (DFG-Funding)

Equality in Research Associations (DFG-Funding)

A close collaboration is held between the research associations at the TU Chemnitz and the Centre for Equal Opportunities in Science and Research with the Central Equality Commissioner for the development of equality concepts in application and assessment procedures as well as on the implementation and evaluation of equality measures within the research project.

Goals of the equality measures:

  • Career Advancements of female junior scientists

  • Promoting the reconciliation of a scientific career and family

  • Create a balanced ratio between the genders in the science system

Possible Equality Measures

Career and Network building for female Junior Scientists

  • Providing services for career development to female junior scientists such as mentoring, soft-skills-seminars, training courses and network meetings

  • Offering a regular get together of female scientists

Planning and Organisation of Family-Friendly Services

  • Provision, organisation and billing of long-term child care services, such as the conclusion of cooperation agreements with those responsible of care facilities or the acquisition of child care facilities

  • Organisation of childcare staff for events

  • Organisation of vacation programmes for children

  • Provision of parent-child offices

  • Consultation for special-measures (balancing absence or part-time job, etc.)

Other Measures for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities

  • Beteiligung an Veranstaltungen für Schülerinnen und Studentinnen

  • Individual consultations of female scientists on the question of equality

  • Implementation and organisation of presentations on gender sensitisation