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Automatic Control and System Dynamics
Automatic Control and System Dynamics

Nonlinear Control

Organisation and Notes

Extent (SWS) Lecture: 2 SWS / Exercise: 2 SWS/ Practical course: 2 SWS
Term Summer semester
Events, Lecturer, Location Link to the current schedule
Exam Presumably oral exam (30 min.) as ASL (acknowledgeable cademic achievement)
OPAL Registration and course material


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  1. Introuction to nonlinear systems (basic concepts, models, state equalities, linearization methods, properties)
  2. Stability of nonlinear systems (stability concepts, Lyapunov, stability testing)
  3. Lyapunov-based controller design (LQ, backstepping, sliding-mode, etc.)
  4. Linearization-based controller design (basic concepts, Lie derivative, controllability)

Exercises, evidence tasks and course material

  • provided online in OPAL

Desirable final skills

  • Derivation of controller design methods based on fundamental structural properties
  • Design of nonlinear closed-loops in state space
  • Knowledge of modern nonlinear control concepts


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