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Automatic Control and System Dynamics


Open Positions and Projects

We are looking for highly motivated and creative new group members (PhD students, postdocs, undergraduate students, visitors) with focus on control, system dynamics and optimization. We offer a broad and interdisciplinary research environment with projects in basic research and application oriented cooperations. Send application

If you are interested, please contact

Open Positions for Postdocs and PhD students: Control, Optimization and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Food Production and Smart Agriculture

Job and project descriptions

You will work in interdisciplinary research projects with academic and industrial partners including theoreticians as well as experimenters. Besides aiming for publications of fundamental researchoriented results in systems and control, your aim is to make a measurable contribution towards sustainability goals.

Methods and approaches include

  • data-driven and model-based predictive control
  • fault-diagnosis and fault-tolerant control
  • sensor fusion
  • modeling, analysis, and optimization of multi-scale systems
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence

Developed methods and tools will be implemented and tested by experimenters either in our own wet-lab or together with collaboration partners from other reputed institutions.

Your profile

  • background in one of the above mentioned fields and good publication record (postdocs)
  • interest to apply developed theory in application-oriented projects
  • excellent writing and communication skills in English
  • ability to work in a team and good self-organization skills
  • interest in supervision of graduate students (postdocs)

What we offer

  • full-time and long-term contracts with a competitive salary
  • interdisciplinary and international research team
  • new and well-equipped research laboratories and offices
  • large freedom for own theoretical research ideas and/or practical implementations
  • interaction with industrial and academic partners
  • supervision of doctoral students
  • possibility to build up your own team and to shape your career (postdocs)

Further information and application process

To apply or to request more information, please contact Prof. Stefan Streif ( ). Application documents should include CV, list of publications and relevant certificates. Further information on Controlled Environment Agriculture can be found here.

About Chemnitz

European Capital of Culture 2025

Chemnitz has been selected as one of two European Capitals of Culture 2025. An international jury voted for Chemnitz out of eight German cities, based on its rich and various cultural offers. The TU Chemnitz contributed many initiatives for the city's bid.
In 2025, millions of tourists from all over the world will visit Chemnitz to discover the various places of our colorful, cosmopolitan city. More information can be found in this press release.

Information on living expenses in Chemnitz and salary as a PhD student or PostDoc: 
E.g.: Salary for a PhD student (single) initially starting at minimum 4150 € / month (before tax) or 2550 € / month (after tax) and increasing over time; standard health insurance included; approx. rent for two-room apartment in Chemnitz 350 € / month. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information!
Because the salary for scientific employees is the same everywhere in Germany and because costs for food, rent, transportation, sports and leisure time is comparable cheap in Chemnitz, you can make a decent living with this salary in here. For comparison, to have the same standard of living as in Chemnitz, you would need to earn +30% in Aachen, +46% in Hamburg, +72% in Stuttgart, +92% in Munich (see here).

Impressions of the City

About the University

Studying and Working in Chemnitz

The TU Chemnitz obtained excellent marks in the CHE ranking. More information can be found in this press release.

Movie on the very good studying and working conditions in Chemnitz:

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Movie on the TU Chemnitz

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Impressions of the University