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Automatic Control and System Dynamics

Jobs for Students and Projects

Be an active member of the Laboratory of Automatic Control and System Dynamics - working as a student assistant (so-called HiWi) or by writing a bachelor or master thesis with us. It is really important for us to work closely with our students on various promising research topics. Numerous projects can be worked on with one of our (worldwide) industrial and academic partners - this will benefit your future career planing as well.

Since the work content represents current areas of research, most of our project topics will be published on short notice. So please visit our website on a regular basis or contact us if you are interested in a specific issue or subject. We will then arrange an appointment for a personal interview in order to find a project that fits best to your interests and qualifications.

Contact us via e-mail to sekretariat-control@....

Outline of topics

  • Control of an inverse pendulum
  • Modeling, analysis and monitoring of celebral (brain) compression
  • Modular analysis and control of nonlinear uncertain systems
  • Efficient methods for parameter estimation and verification of nonlinear uncertain hybrid systems
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control
  • Test station for investigation and control of vehicle dynamics
  • Model predictive control and realization e.g. in the area of energy systems
Detailed information (yet in German) to these topics (URZ-login needed)