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Automatic Control and System Dynamics



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Oliver Sawodny (University of Stuttgart) will give a talk on System Dynamic Methods for Optimization in Electric Vehicles at 3:30 pm in 2/W020. Everybody is heartily invited. An overview over all past and future seminars can be found here.

The final symposium of the Chemnitz junior research group SyNErgIt once again brought together experts on the topic Synergetic use of energy and information technology at Chemnitz University of Technology. More information can be found here.

From April 11th to 18th, Prof. Jean Lévine (MINES ParisTech) will visit our lab and gives a talk on An introduction to flatness with emphasis on computational aspects at 3:30 pm in 2/W017. Everybody is heartily invited. An overview over all past and future seminars can be found here.
Furthermore, he will give a short course on Differential flatness on 2019/04/15 from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on 2019/04/17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in 2/W168. Further information can be found here.

The head of the ACSD Lab, Prof. Stefan Streif, was voted as the new Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Starting April 1st, 2019, he will serve for three years in this honorable position and will have significant authorities over several matters regarding the Faculty. More information can be found here.

The GAMM-Fachausschuss/Activity Group of the GAMM (International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) will be held from at 25th and 26th march 2019 at the Technische Universität in Chemnitz and will be organized by our professorship. Further information can be found here.

The professorship warmly welcomes its new team members, Alexander Kobelski and Fritjof Griesing-Scheiwe.
Alexander studied Electrical Engineering in Chemnitz. His Master thesis was on modeling and control of fungal growth. He will strengthen our team on the research topics Modeling and optimal control for biotechnological processes for food production.
Fritjof studied Technical Cybernetics and Systemtheory at the Ilmenau University of Technology. His Master thesis was on Irregularly sampled data in the design of a soft sensor system .

Ngoc Thinh Nguyen, M.Eng., from the INP Grenoble (Prof. Ionela Prodan's group) visits the ACSD lab to work on hierarchical fault tolerant control.

Dr.-Ing. Gernot Herbst, who works at SIEMENS, joins the group as a guest lecturer. He will give a course on Digital Control in 2/W065 at 3:30pm starting at 2019/01/08. More information can be found here.

Starting in early 2019, several members of the ACSD lab will be working on model-based, adaptive and robust control for fuel cells in hybrid cars. The lab will take a leading role and will closely collaborate with several industrial and academic partners. Further information can be found either here or here

Recent Publications

Practical stability analysis of sliding-mode control with explicit computation of sampling time
Asian Journal of Control [DOI]

A Multirate Hierarchical MPC Scheme for Ensemble Systems
Proc. Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

Hierarchical Control with Guaranteed Fault Diagnosability
Proc. 10th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes (SAFEPROCESS) [DOI]

Integer-free Optimal Scheduling of Smart Appliances
Proc. European Control Conference (ECC) [DOI]

Fast Stochastic Model Predictive Control of End-to-end Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Process Systems Engineering for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing [DOI]

Constrained and Stabilizing Stacked Adaptive Dynamic Programming and a Comparison with Model Predictive Control
Proc. European Control Conference (ECC) [DOI]

Analysis of extremum value theorems for function spaces in optimal control under numerical uncertainty
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information [DOI]

Practical sample-and-hold stabilization of nonlinear systems under approximate optimizers
IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS) [DOI]

Constructive analysis of Caratheodory's existence and uniqueness theorem
IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica [DOI]

Comparison of Different Calibration Methods in a Non-invasive ICP Assessment Model
Intracranial Pressure & Neuromonitoring XVI [DOI]