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Automatic Control and System Dynamics



The Laboratory for Automatic Control and System Dynamics (ACSD) has established several cooperation with academic partners within the EU. ERASMUS+ framework strengthens this cooperation by enabling movement of students and research staff between the partner universities. Some of these possibilities are as listed below:

  1. Student Mobility for Studies (SMS): Students can study for a semester in the partner universities
  2. Student Mobility of Placement (SMP): Students can seek internships in the partner universities
  3. Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment (STA): Research staff can take part in teaching programs in partner universities
  4. Staff Mobility for Training (STT): Research staff can take part in training programs in partner universities

For detailed information about the program please visit: Erasmus+.


Academic partners taking part in the Erasmus+ programme

Further details can be found here.


ACSD Lab offers a broad-spectrum of lectures and research topics related to control systems. Apart from lectures, we also offer research projects and supervision for Bachelor and Master Thesis for interested students. We warmly welcome students and researchers interested to collaborate with our international team of young researchers. To help you get acquainted with our offerings, we have prepared a list of courses and programs that the incoming students can take part in.

About ACSD Lab

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • 14 team members + 14 Students
  • Research Focus:
    • Modelling of complex systems
    • Optimal and adaptive control (in particular MPC and ADP)
    • Hierarchical and networked control
    • Process optimization
    • Methods for uncertain systems (in particular set-based and probabilistic methods)
  • Application Areas:
    • Energy system (grids, smart grids, ...)
    • System biology and biotechnology
    • Automation
    • Agrosystem
Contact Person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Streif


If we motivated you enough to be part of our team, contact your home university for the application process and get in touch with our team.

Courses offered at ACSD Lab

We have summarized the courses offered by ACSD labs here. Detailed information about the courses can be found here.

EN=English, DE=German

  • Requirements should be looked up in the exam regulations and clarified at your international office.
  • Please confirm with your respective home institutions for matching courses and credit transferability before your arrival.
  • More information can be also found at International Office (for Incomings).


As a student of Chemnitz University of Technology, you could pursue your studies or internships at one of our partner universities. We have compiled some information about our academic partners to provide you an overview of their focus and also the courses that could be visited in these institutions.

Outgoing students interested in taking part in this program should read the application process described in detail here. There are two important steps to this process:

  1. Contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Streif (stefan.streif@...) to enquire about an available exchange position.
  2. Apply online at the IUZ-Website for further information.

Partner Universities

Grenoble Institute of Technology, INP, Valence, France

  • Laboratory of Conception and Integration of Systems (LCIS)
  • Develops high-level research in strong connection with many international laboratories
  • 30 permanents + interns, PhDs and other researchers
  • Research Focus:
    • Modelling, control and coordination of complex systems
    • Decentralized and distributed control
    • Embedded systems safety & security
    • Optoelectronic and radio frequency systems
  • For more info visit: institute website
Contact Person

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ionela Prodan


Polytechnic University of Milan, POLIMI, Milan, Italy

  • Faculty of Systems and Control
  • 38 faculty staff members & 50+ temporary researchers
  • Research Focus:
    • Dynamics of complex systems
    • Planning and management of environmental systems
    • Operations research and discrete optimization
    • Robotics and industrial automation
    • Control systems
  • Application Areas:
    • Model identification and data analysis
    • Unmanned autonomous vehicles
    • Biomedicine and evolutionary systems
  • For more info visit: institute website
Contact Person

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marcello Farina


University Politehnica of Bucharest, UPB, Bucharest, Romania

  • Automatic Control and Systems Engineering Lab
  • Faculty of Automation Control and Computer Science
  • 30+ team members
  • Research Focus:
    • Modelling of complex systems
    • Complexity reduction and big data optimization
    • Distributed and networked control
    • Stability and performance under uncertainties
  • Application Areas:
    • Large scale systems (transportation, smart grids)
    • Unmanned autonomous vehicles
    • Biomedicine and evolutionary systems
  • For more info visit: institute website
Contact Person

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florin Stoican


Comparison of courses offered at partner Universities

To help you orient towards the different course offerings from our academic partners, we have prepared a comprehensive list of lectures. A comparison is done here with the equivalent courses offered at ACSD Lab.

BA=Bachelor, MA=Master, ST=Summer Term, WT=Winter Term, EN=English, DE=German, IT=Italian, FR=French

  • The comparison given here is only for reference. Please confirm with your examination office for credit transferability before your departure.
  • Ensure that you fulfill the language requirements of the courses you plan to visit.
  • Ensure that the courses you are interested in are offered during the planned semester of stay at the partner university