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Personal e-mail addresses

Personal e-mail addresses at TU Chemnitz

Personal e-mail addresses at the TU Chemnitz have the following structure:

  • for students: givenname.surname@sYEAR.tu-chemnitz.de, e.g. alfons.bitlerner@s2013.tu-chemnitz.de
  • for staff members: givenname.surname@unit.tu-chemnitz.de
    unit = abbreviation of the faculty or institutions, e.g. alf.bitmeister@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de

In addition to the e-mail address, there are usually further so-called alias addresses which will also be sent to you. You can find your e-mail addresses, the corresponding mailbox and settings in the IdM portal. Find out about access options at the central mailbox server or the Groupware (MS Exchange).

Please note:

  • Be careful when setting your own e-mail address in programs!
  • In e-mail addresses there is no distinction between upper and lower case letters.
  • Searching for e-mail addresses at the TU Chemnitz via people search.

How do I get my e-mail address at TU Chemnitz?

  • For a personal e-mail address you need a valid user account (user ID + password). All TUC members receive such a user account in the URZ-Nutzerservice . When the user account is set up, the e-mail address and mailbox are also defined. You can apply for a personal X.509 certificate for your e-mail address in order to sign or encrypt e-mails via S/MIME.

What happens to my e-mail address if I leave TU Chemnitz?

  • The e-mail addresses become invalid, i.e. no more e-mails will be accepted or forwarded. Students and employees of the TU Chemnitz with a valid URZ user account can register via the Alumni Portal with an external e-mail address and select the POST-TUC service there: "Yes, use my private mail address in POST-TUC address information". This external e-mail address can be queried by the sender of an e-mail who would like to contact you via your former TU address after you have left Chemnitz University of Technology.