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Start of the mentoring program „WoMentYou“

Project “WoMentYou” is the next step in promoting of gender equality at Chemnitz University - First round of mentoring starts with twelve women

The project, headed by Karla Kebsch, Equal Rights representative at Chemnitz University of Technology, aims at female junior professors, post doctorates, and habilitated scientists of all faculties and central institutions at Chemnitz University, who strive for leadership positions in science and research in the following years. The mentoring program supports these women in their career development and prepares them for research and leadership functions in the science system. During workshops participants receive an opportunity to upgrade their career-related skills, gain new practical knowledge, and build supporting networks in the Scientific Community. Mentoring allows them to access consulting and knowledge resources, which are normally not utilized at universities and which are barely accessible via basic or even advanced trainings in other institutions.

“WoMentYou” combines components of mentoring, workshops/coaching and networking. During the total program period of 18 months, the participants will take part in selected workshops individually customized to the female scientists’ needs. Topics include acquisition of third-party funds, Work-Life-Balance, job application and academic presentation training and career coaching. Aside from that, the focus of the program lies on individual mentoring relationship. “The Mentees will be accompanied by successfully established scientists, who provide advice and consultation during the program period and - if wished - even beyond, share their experiences and have them profit from their contacts”, explains Kebsch.

Twelve female scientists from all faculties and central institutions at Chemnitz University participate in the first round of the program. “Mentoring allows a very intensive and personal exchange of valuable experiences in a way like no other supervisory relationship can”, says Junior Professor Anne Kerstin Reimers of the Junior Professorship of Sport and Exercise Pedagogy, a Mentee of the “WoMentYou” program. The first workshop took place on February 7th, 2018, and the topic was “An introduction to the leadership for young academics”.

 “WoMentYou” is a new program supporting promotion of gender equality, and is funded by the Professorinnenprogramm II of federal and state governments.

Further information on the mentoring program:

Contact: Nicole Dietrich, program coordinator mentoring, phone +49 371 531 36625, email

(Translation: Alissa Hölzel)

Matthias Fejes

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