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DAAD will extend the funding period for the project “InProTUC”

The project “InProTUC” will be extended until 2019 – Application deadline for sponsorship is September 30, 2017

Also in future, doctoral candidates of Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) will have the opportunity to present their research at international conferences or to conduct research abroad. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) evaluated the project “InProTUC” as a success in an interim evaluation and considered the application of TU Chemnitz worthy of follow-up funding. Prof. Dr. Jörn Ihlemann, Vice-Presient for Research and Junior Researchers, is especially pleased with the continuation of the project: "Networking at an international level boosts the personal abilities of young scientists in dealing with other cultures and ways of thinking. Furthermore, it prepares young scientists for successful research activities in the international environment. “InProTUC” makes an important contribution to this."

The second project phase will run from November 2017 until the end of June 2019. The project “InProTUC” is promoted by the DAAD within the programme IPID4all and funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The financing volume of the project is around 268.000 euros. For the upcoming winter term, sponsorships for research-related trips by young scientists are already available. PhD candidates of TU Chemnitz can apply for funding until September 30, 2017. Applications have to be submitted electronically as single pdf-file to

“A lasting experience”: Personal insights in research visits abroad

PhD candidates and professors of TU Chemnitz joined a Get-Together in July in order to celebrate the successful first period of the project “InProTUC”. Additionally to the initiation of cooperation with international partners and a workshop programme, the promotion of mobility of young scientists is paramount. In total, 190 journeys of doctoral candidates have been funded since the project was launched in November 2014. For the most part, young scientists from TU Chemnitz participated in international conferences or conducted research abroad. In addition, 21 international doctoral candidates visited TU Chemnitz over the past years in order to gain new impetus on their research.

An exhibition of over 40 photos that were taken during the funded trips abroad or in Chemnitz offered visual insights into the experiences the PhDs made and the impressions they gained during those trips. The photo of Xinlei Zhang, Professorship of English Language and Linguistics, which was taken during a research visit in Beijing/China, was chosen the best picture of the exhibition.

Furthermore, two doctoral students and a Postdoc shared their impressions and experiences from their research stays. Charlotte Bruns, who is a member of the Professorship of Visual Communication and travelled to the US and France to collect data, drew a consistently positive conclusion: The trip was not only important for her dissertation project, but “a lasting experience” for her personal and professional future. Dr. Freddy Sichting from the Professorship for Human Locomotion thanked those responsible at InProTUC for the great opportunity of building lasting contacts with internationally renowned scientists through the exchange. To actual make use of this rare chance is an advice he would like to pass on to other young scientists. (Author: Antje Pfeifer)

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