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„Inno Truck“ tours through Germany

Premiere on the Hanover Fair: Mobile experience exhibition whets the appetite for Science and Technology – and for Research at the Chemnitz University of Technology

How does a good idea become a successful innovation? What do we need innovations for- and are they associated with risks? Such questions will be answered by the “InnoTruck” from April 24, 2017. The two-story exhibition vehicle starts at the Hanover Fair and travels as “Innovation-Ambassador” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) year-round through Germany and descriptively demonstrates the role of innovations in our everyday life. On two levels and approx. 100 square meters exhibition space the visitors can experience an exciting voyage of discovery from research, technology and their applications to job descriptions and hands-on activities. The truck aims towards the open public and interested citizens but focuses on adolescents, their parents and teachers.

On board of the truck are also research results of the Chemnitz University of Technology: digital human models that enable a better planning and optimization of industrial work processes are presented. “If, for example, the ergonomic design of workstations is taken into account in the planning of a new factory, it can significantly contribute to the overall length of employees being able to work in the production”, says Prof. Guido Brunnett, speaker of the competence center “Virtual Humans” at the Chemnitz University of Technology. In order to accomplish such optimizations computer scientists, robotic-experts, work scientists and media psychologists developed the so-called “Smart Virtual Worker”. The possibilities of the planning and valuation of workstations and work processes with the help of this realistic “virtual worker” and their optimization will be explained and illustrated in the “InnoTruck”.

The new information initiative of the BMBF invites to enter the dialogue also outside the nation-wide tour of the “InnoTruck” by presenting themselves with a comprehensive online range on the website and in social media. This way the “InnoTruck” becomes a vivid platform for the numerous facets of innovation.

Further information on the competence center “Virtual Humans”:

Matthias Fejes

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