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TU Chemnitz presents itself in Hawaii

Duc Anh Pham Thi, TUC graduate, treated in her Master’s thesis a topic which has been presented at the international conference HICSS in Hawaii

Not many students can claim this about themselves: A thesis of the 26-year-old graduate Duc Anh Pham Thi received international reputation, because her research findings were presented to an international audience within a conference contribution to the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). Pham Thi studied Master in Customer Relationship Management from October 2011 until mid-2014 at TU Chemnitz. The presentation of the results of her paper was now the crowning glory.

HICSS has been already held for the 48th time this year and belongs to the oldest conferences in its area. From 5th till 8th January 2015, there have been presented scientific contributions to the field of Information Science Economy and Computer Science, conducted panel discussions and workshops. The participants came from over 40 countries, including Prof. Dr. Barbara Dinter, the Head of the Professorship of Business Information Systems I at TU Chemnitz. Together with her colleague Robert Krawatzeck, she supervised the thesis of Pham Thi. Prof. Dinter presented the results of the thesis in an article “How to make Business Intelligence Agile: The Agile BI Actions Catalog“ at the conference in Hawaii. Pham Thi has received a “very good” for her final thesis, but a much greater honor is to present in front of international audience. “We have submitted a conference paper in July 2014, and at the end of August we received a positive answer. The paper has been judged by three reviewers and was assessed to be good. I have not hoped that it will be included at the conference, because I could not estimate the requirements”, said the student of Business Information Systems and adds: ”The scientists from all over the world, who deal with topics related to the areas of Computer Science and Business Information Systems, may submit posts. The topic of this paper addresses a very burning issue at this moment. This may have contributed to the success.“

The area of the Agile Business Intelligence (Agile BI) is since end of 2011 the main research focus of Business Information Systems in Chemnitz, and deals with the development and maintenance of highly customizable decision support systems for management. Under the leadership of The Data Warehouse Institute Germany e.V. (TDWI), TU Chemnitz is taking part in the project “Establishment of a standard for Agile BI in German BI-Community“. The project committee consists of the representatives of application companies, service providers and universities. Within her Master’s thesis, Pham Thi builds on the results of the practice-orientated project as well as examines, categorizes and assesses possible measures for an agile Business Intelligence. The international publication of the elaborated set of measures in the framework of the thesis, now opens the possibility for these to be also applied in practice.

Alongside preparation of her Master’s thesis, Pham Thi was been working as a student trainee at the start-up company Lovoo in Dresden. Previously, she studied her Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden. In her Bachelor’s thesis, Pham Thi has occupied herself with the subject of after sales at online shops. Through a six-month internship as a part of the study and through the work as a student assistant in the field of online marketing, Pham Thi has finally realized that she is particularly interested in the technical and mathematical aspects of an enterprise. “The practical experience has shown me what I really want. I very much liked the combination of courses in Master program of Customer Relationship Management at TU Chemnitz. Today I can say with certainty that I have chosen the right course of study“, Pham Thi explains. During her Master’s program, she has been a working student in the field of online marketing at the regional energy supplier enviaM until she went to Prague for one term to gather foreign experience. In August 2014, she completed her studies in Chemnitz and moved back to Dresden. There she is currently working as a data analyst at Lovoo. She is not concerned about her future yet. “I do not plan so far ahead. When I do something, I do it as long as I enjoy it and if I see in it a personal added value“, said Pham Thi.

For more information about Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) see

(Author: Katharina Preuß, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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