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Record Measurement in Heavy-Experimental Field

The ATS Elbtalwerk GmbH Dresden instructed the Professorship of Electrical Energy Conversion Systems and Engines at TU Chemnitz in examination of a direct current machine weighing 3.1 tons

During these very days was broken a record in heavy-experimental field of the Professorship of Electrical Energy Conversion Systems and Drives at Technische Universität Chemnitz: "On behalf of the ATS Elbtalwerk GmbH Dresden, we have carried out direct-current motor measurements with the rated power of 800 kW. This is so far the largest ever operated electric motor in this laboratory", reports Prof. Dr. Ralf Werner, holder of the Professorship, and adds: "This 3.1 tons engine with a total height of 1.70 meters will be sold to the customers in UK, and has been tested in our 1.5-times rated power. It is equivalent to the power of 1.2 MW of the total power requirement for a middle-town. "Converted into a motor car information, it is about 1,600 HP, which is plenty of power", says Werner.

Since the DC power available in the test field of the Dresden electrical engineering firm is not sufficient for the planned measurements, the company decided to cooperate with TU Chemnitz. This collaboration is beneficial for both partners: "On the one hand, our Professorship can preserve the electrical infrastructure and further expand with the third-party funds raised for this test. On the other hand, the investigations are also scientifically very interesting", assures the Professor from Chemnitz. The development trend of electric drive technology in the direction of AC drives has led to a displacement of the DC motors about 20 years ago. However, the DC motors are still needed in some niche applications. "Regrettably, the experience of developing these engines is disappearing. Only a handful of engine computation engineers, who are mostly already retired, are proficient at this technique", estimates Werner. This makes it all the more encouraging, if by such projects at least a part of the knowledge could be passed to the younger generation of engineers.

The drive technology laboratory of the Professorship of Electrical Energy Conversion Systems and Drives in the hall H at the Reichenhainer Straße 70 can score far beyond the region: "With its large connected load and comprehensive electro-technical infrastructure, the laboratory has a Saxony-wide unique selling proposition", assures Werner. That is, in addition to a battery system with 440 V and 1,000 Ah are also on offer various converter phases for generating of controllable direct, alternating and three-phase A.C. current of different levels.

Details related to equipment of the laboratory:

For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Ralf Werner, Phone +49 371 531-24210, Email

(Author: Mario Steinebach, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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