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How Fashion and Textiles Can Be Produced More Sustainably

Scientists at Chemnitz University of Technology and the consulting company Gherzi Germany publish first joint book on sustainable value chains in the textile and fashion sector

In addition to the corona pandemic, it is the issues of the environment and sustainability that are shaping our present like hardly any other. Closely related to the latter two are the aspects of raw material extraction and recycling management, production techniques, and social and business models. The Sustainable Textile School (STS) (German), which has been held in Chemnitz since 2017, has taken up these topics with an eye on the global textile and fashion industry. The aim of the congress, which is initiated and carried out by the professorships of Textile Technologies (Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla) and Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability (Prof. Dr. Marlen Gabriele Arnold) at Chemnitz University of Technology and with the support of the consulting firm Gherzi Germany, is to establish a science-based and practice-oriented exchange of ideas, experiences, and approaches to sustainable value chains in the global textile industry.
Sustainability issues in the global textile and fashion value chains

Sustainable Textile and Fashion Value Chains, published by Springer, presents the main results of this exchange on 453 pages with a total of 23 chapters. The book illustrates important sustainability issues in the global textile and fashion value chains by examining, for example, individual fiber types, textile-technical and chemical treatment steps, innovative business concepts, and legal framework conditions either in a single step in or along the entire value chain. Sustainability issues are discussed from an interdisciplinary and holistic perspective and a wide range of technological, ecological, social, political, and economic aspects are taken into account. This approach to the subject matter is also rounded off by a variety of personal perspectives and professional expertise on the part of the authors, which are linked to the global textile and fashion industry.
With this focus, the publication offers valuable information and approaches for both practitioners and academics in the fields of sustainability science, environmental economics, economics, management, and innovation. In addition, researchers in industry and mechanical engineering, as well as students in the fields of textile technology, fashion, or clothing industry, can benefit from the extensive knowledge.
Additional information is available from Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla, Tel. +49 371 531-23170, E-Mail and Prof. Dr. Marlen Gabriele Arnold, Tel. +49 371/531-31120, E-Mail
(Author: Sabrina Heinrich, Institute for Structural Lightweight Design at Chemnitz University of Technology and Matthias Fejes / Translation: Chelsea Burris)

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