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Application for Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree / study for teaching degree (primary school)

The following applicants have to apply via Uni-assist e.V.1:

  • Foreign applicants without German A-Level (applicants with foreign education background, but not for applicants as an exchange student/ Erasmus)
  • Foreign applicants with a foreign Bachelor or Master degree (not for applicants as an exchange student/ Erasmus)
  • Foreign applicants for the Integrated International MA/PhD degree program in Mathematics
  • Foreign applicants with completed entrance examination test (FSP) from a Studienkolleg in Germany without admission letter from TUC

1Uni-assist e.V. (Arbeits- und Servicestelle für internationale Studienbewerbungen) supports the University of Technology of Chemnitz within the assessment of fulfillment of entrance requirements for admission to studies.

In the following cases, the application for admission has to be submitted via our online application

  • Applicants of German nationality with foreign A-level or foreign university degree
  • Applicants with completed entrance examination test (FSP) from a Studienkolleg in Germany with a admission letter from TU Chemnitz
  • Applicants with a European Baccalaureate (Beschluss der KMK vom 14.06.2018)
  • Applicants with a german university degree
  • Applicants who finished the preparatory german language course at TU Chemnitz with DSH 2
  • Applicants for admission to studies as non-degree-seeking student, who come over to TU Chemnitz by an exchange program or outside such a program (exchange student/ Erasmus)
  • Applicants for study course change within TU Chemnitz
  • Applicants for PhD-student

For application via uni-assist, the following documents have to be submitted:

  • copy of secondary school leaving certificate including transcripts, with translation in German or English language
  • proof of successfully completed university entrance examination (not for all countries, more information here)
  • if available, copies of all other proofs of successfully completed university studies at the home country (duration of studies, acquired degrees), with translation in German or English language
  • original of APS-certificate (only for applicants from China, Vietnam or Mongolia)
  • if available, copy of sport ability test (only if you apply for the Bachelor degree in Präventions-, Rehabilitations- und Fitnesssport)
  • copy of German language proof if your native language is not German

In view of the continuing situation due to the corona virus and the more difficult conditions resulting from it, have to be submitted for the application via uni-assist for the winter term 2020/21 no officially certified educational certificates. When applying, you upload your documents as part of the online application process in the uni-assist application portal. Your application will be checked on the basis of these documents.

On homepage of uni-assist you will find important additional country-specific requirements for several countries.

If all requirements and documents were checked, uni-assist will forward your documents to the university. In case that the formal requirements are not fulfilled, you will receive a respective message from uni-assist. Please note that uni-assist does not send back any application documents submitted.

If you receive an admission for your desired course of study, we will only need officially certified copies of the above-mentioned documents in paper form for enrollment.

Application deadlines

To realize a prompt processing of your application documents, please apply until 30. May for winter term and until 20. November for summer term. If it is impossible for you to hand in your application until these dates, you have time to apply via uni-assist for winter term at latest until 15. July and for summer term at latest until 15. January.

All documents have to be submitted within the deadlines.

Language skills

German taught degree programs

The following certificates are accepted as proofs of sufficient German language skills:

  • DSH-2, DSH-3
  • TestDaf: level 4 at all 4 examinations parts (total of 16 points as overall result)
  • telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule
  • Goethe Institute – ZOP
  • Goethe Institute – KDS
  • Goethe Institute – GDS
  • DSD II
  • Goethe-Institute C2
  • German language examination of the Sprachen- und Dolmetscher-Institut München
  • German language proof of Diplome du Baccalauréat
  • US-Advanced Placement-test (AP-examination) in German language (KMK vom 10./11.09.1992)
  • Leaving certificate oft he advanced level of secondary school from Belgium
  • Secondary school leaving certificate of the Grand Duchy Luxemburg
  • Maturity Diploma of schools with German as language of instruction in the Autonomous province of Bozen-South Tyrol (Italy)
  • Leaving certificate of the international section for german language at Liceo Gimnasiale "Luigi Galvani" in Bologna
  • Leaving certificate of German-Irish bilingual secondary school (Bilingual Leaving Certificate) at the Deutschen Schule Dublin, St. Kilian`s
  • Leaving certificate of the bilingual departments at Liceo Ginnasio Statale "Romagnosi" in Parma and at Liceo Classico Statale Socrate in Bari

For applicants who may not submit any of the proof of above mentioned german language proofs, the University of Technology in Chemnitz offers a preparatory german language course. For this course you need to show one of the following german language proofs:

  • B2 from Goethe-Institute
  • ösd B2
  • telc B2
  • DSH 1
  • TestDaF-level 3 at all 4 examination parts (12-15 points in total)

The application for admission to this preparatory German language course has to be indicated during the online application at uni-assist. Attendance certificates will not be accepted.

English taught degree programs

Applicants which apply for a degree program offered in english language, need to show a german language proof at minimum level A1 at the time of the application. Until the end of their third study term at TUC, they have to submit a german language proof at level A2. German language courses at level A2 will be offered by the TUC. Language certificates for german language proof at level A1 are only accepted by the Goethe-Institut or the ÖSD.
For the following degree programs, the applicants need to show a proof of at least A1 German language. Attendance certificates will not be accepted.

  • Master English and American Studies
  • Master Embedded Systems
  • Master Information and Communication Systems
  • Master Micro and Nano Systems

For the following degee programs, the applicants do not need to show a proof of german language skills at the time of the application:

  • Master Advanced Functional Materials
  • Master Automotive Software Engineering
  • Master Web Engineering
  • Master Advanced Manufacturing

For all english taught degree programs, you need to show a proof of one of the following English certificates:

  • IELTS 5.5
  • TOEFL internet based: min. 72 points
  • Cambridge: First Certificate in English
  • TOEIC min. 785 points
  • Confirmation of English as language of instruction
  • Study in English studies
  • Translator/ interpreter degree

Applicants from countries with English as official or native language are not required to submit a proof of English language proficiency within their application.

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