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Placement and course enrolment

Placement test

In the field of English for all faculties (EfaF programme)

All students who wish to take a course in the EfaF programme may enrol directly in one of the courses 1 (level B2). Students with a higher level of language are encouraged to take a placement test, with a view of being placed directly in courses at C1 level

In the field of Business English (BE)

For students in the compulsory language programme Business English (BE), no placement test is required, but it is optional. The placement test may entitle students to enrol in the next higher course at B2 level (BE2) if such a recommendation is made as a result of the test.

In all other foreign languages

All prospective participants who have previous knowledge of a foreign language (e.g. through school education or other language training programmes) but are unsure which level best suits them, can contact the coordinators of the relevant foreign language for an assessment of their language level.

Course enrolment

Here you can find an overview of all our offered languages: Link to offered courses.

Enrolment in all language courses of the Foreign Language Centre is possible only online via the OPAL learning platform.
All course titles are directly linked to the OPAL enrolment links.

Waiting lists

  • If you have not been able to enrol in a suitable course due to a lack of capacity, enter your name in the waiting list of the recommended course in OPAL. As soon as places become available on the courses, you will be admitted to the regular course.
  • Enrolment via OPAL is (initially) a statement of intention to participate and does not of itself guarantee a course place. In the interest achieving optimum course capacity, please appear in person at the first teaching unit. In exceptional cases, please be sure to inform the lecturer before the first teaching session that you may be late for the course. Otherwise, other students from the waiting list may be allocated your unclaimed place.

Course closure due to low participation

  • Despite careful planning in coordination with the faculties, some courses may be selected by only a few participants. In these cases it cannot be ruled out that a course for which you have enrolled may have to be closed.
  • In such cases, follow the enrolment process at the beginning of the semester and be prepared to make other choices if necessary.

Prioritisation of compulsory and compulsory elective students

  • In the event of any capacity restrictions, priority is always given to students for whom foreign language training is compulsory or a compulsory elective in their degree programme.
  • This is especially true for the foreign language programme for business studies (compulsory for WiWi and Wirtschaftsinformatik).
  • Repeaters may rejoin the course if there is room, but may have to withdraw in favour of first-time participants.

Students from other disciplines or ERASMUS students

Students from other disciplines, degree programmes or ERASMUS students may take part in the courses that correspond to their proven previous knowledge (B2 or C1 level) if there is free capacity. Please contact the teachers of the relevant courses if you have any questions.