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Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing

The book REAL 17 follows the successful series of REAL publications. Research in English and Applied Linguistics (=REAL) is Josef Schmied's book series published in Göttingen, Germany by Cuvillier Verlag. This edition, Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing, contains various articles focusing on academic and media discourse analysis. It is edited by Josef Schmied. The following list contains the preliminary titles of its articles by various authors from the University of Chemnitz, together with authors from the Universities of Vlora, Ohrid, Skopje, Nis and Split.

Contributions (preliminary titles):

Preface. (Josef Schmied & Jessica Dheskali)

Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing: Forms, Functions, and Intentions. (Josef Schmied)

Conflicting Truths in the Comment Sections of Serbian News Websites. One Click is All it Takes. (Jasmina Đorđević)

Framing the News in the ARD? The Media Dispute about Guidelines for the German Public Broadcasting Services (ARD) in 2019. (Josef Schmied)

It must be true - the President says it: Using Epistemic Modals to Constructing Truths in European Political Discourse. (Jelena Prtljaga)

(Non)lingual Elements as Markers of Truth in the Serbian Media: The 1 of 5 Million Protest. (Ivana Mitić)

The Second December: The Representation of the Students’ Protest in the Albanian Media. (Armela Panajoti)

The Role of Journalistic Titles in Claiming Responsibility for or against a Movement and its Outcomes: The Case of the Anti-Vaccination Movement in R. of Macedonia. (Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska)


Novice Writers’ Perspectives on Conflicting Truths

Semantic and Pragmatic Truth Implications of Concession in Single- and Double-Blind Open Peer Review. (Marina Ivanova)

The Truths about Healthy Diet: Popular Views, Preschool Teachers’ Beliefs and Teachings in Serbia. (Radmila Palinkašević)

The Language of Media Framing: The Case of North Macedonia’s Ex-Prime Minister. (Elena Shalevska)

Conflicting Truths Based on a Literary Text: A Case Study of Nabokov’s Lolita (Simona Lokvenec)


Teaching Perspectives on Conflicting Truths

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics: Using Statistics in Academic and Journalistic Writing to Shape the Reader’s Interpretations. (Jessica Dheskali)

Attacks by the Hamas Resistance Movement or Terrorist Movement, Israeli Defence or Occupation Forces? A Corpus Comparison of the Framing of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict in American, Arab-Speaking, Israeli and Palestinian Online Journals. (Vincenzo Dheskali)

Teaching Lexical Patterns in English and Macedonian Media Discourse. (Irina Petrovska)