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Chair of Materials and Surface Engineering
Materials and Surface Engineering

HORIZON 2020 – partner offer


NMP 14 – ERA-NET on materials

  • basic and applied research on material design
  • novel material solutions or novel combinations of known materials
  • fibre-reinforced materials, corrosion-resistant materials
  • coating and coating techniques
  • material characterisation, e.q. fatigue and wear behaviour

NMP 16 – Extended in-service life of advanced functional materials in energy technologies

  • high cycle fatigue experiments
  • strain-controlled low cycle fatigue experiments
  • quasi-static uniaxial tensile and compression tests
  • adaption and validation of empirical and constitutive material models for long-term degradation

NMP 18 – Material solutions for use in the creative industry sector

  • bio mimetic approaches for lightweight metals
  • individually designed structures
  • rolling or deep drawing of metal sheets
  • individually designed integration zones, e.g. thermal spraying, grid blasting        

NMP 19 – Materials for severe operating conditions including added-value functionalities

  • micro- and macro-electrochemical methods
  • environmental tests with varying humidity, temperature and UV-ray intensity
  • self-healing sol-gel coatings

NMP 22 – Fibre-based materials for non-clothing applications

  • galvanic and chemical coating technologies
  • wear and corrosion protection
  • functional interfaces & surfaces
  • characterisation of microstructure
  • modelling and simulation

FoF  12 – Industrial technologies for advanced joining and assembly processes of multi-materials

  • development of high-efficiency, cost-effective and flexible surface condition solutions (e.g. surface modification, thermal treatments)

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