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Chair of Materials and Surface Engineering
Research and Services

Research profile

Materials engineering and materials science problems play an important role in all areas of research, production and quality assurance. The tasks of the professorship are derived from this. They range from basic research to the development and testing of materials to the application of materials, the manufacture of products and the investigation of cases of damage.

–  Prof. T. Lampke  –


Core topics of research at the professorship:

  • Electrolyte development for alloy deposition and conversion coatings
  • New material properties through generative manufacturing and combination processes
  • Design of interfaces and transition structures in hybrid composites
  • Thermomechanical and thermochemical material treatment
  • Material fatigue and damage behaviour, especially on coated and corroded materials

Our departments

Chemical and galvanic surface technology
Thermal coating
Materials development and ‑analytics
Human-Cyber-Physical Systems
Metallic materials and material fatigue
Cross-sectional working group on modelling and simulation