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It is quite easy to find convenient and inexpensive housing in Chemnitz. Especially interesting for students and doctoral candidates might be the on-campus dormitories at Reichenhainer Straße. They offer single rooms as well as shared apartments. The monthly rent is between 179.50 and 249.50 Euro. Applications for rooms at the dormitories have to be addressed to the Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau and can also be done online. Recently it is also possible to visit the rooms virtually.

An interesting alternative consists on the private house market because Chemnitz counts among the cities with the most favourable ratio between low rents and high quality housing. Especially families will be able to find an offer meeting their needs. If the visit or residence of family members originating from Non-EU-countries in Germany is planned, it is necessary to prove sufficient living space for obtaining a visa for them, at least 12 m² per adult and 10 m² per child.

There is a great variety of online searching engines for finding an appropriate room, flat or house in Chemnitz. As examples may serve the following ones:

Please consider that beyond the mentioned providers there are many more. For this reason it is strongly recommended to undertake additional research on his own in this respect and to make use also of other research engines in the internet.

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