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Culture and Leisure Time

Culture and Leisure Time

Chemnitz was one of the first industrialized cities in Europe and therefore it can look back on a long history as an economic hub. It is not a coincidence that with the foundation of a “Königliche Gewerbschule” (“Royal Industrial School”) in 1836 a long and successful tradition of technical higher education was initiated from which resulted Chemnitz University of Technology of today. Those who like technology should visit the well-known Museum of Industry Chemnitz.

Chemnitz is not only a centre of economy and science but it offers also of a great variety of cultural facilities and events. A special highlight are the Chemnitz Art Collections which have turned Chemnitz into a place-to-go for the art of expressionism. Additionally Chemnitz offers a considerable number of further opportunities for culture enthusiasts with its Theatre and Opera House, several cinemas as well as numerous cabarets.

Finally Chemnitz is also very interesting from the architectural point of view because it combines relatively confined architectural styles of several époques: From the half-timbered houses at the Schlossberg district via the Kaßberg which counts among the biggest art nouveau quarters in Germany to the modern city centre with the “Red Tower” and the Karl-Marx-Monument as special sights.

A nice overview of the numerous and rich cultural opportunities as well as the possibilities for passing the leisure time is presented by the multilingual online-platform which additionally gives under the category of “Customs & Culture” important information and hints for managing everyday life in Germany.    

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