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In Germany children have to attend school by the age between 6-15 years. Before they may visit pre-school by the age of 3 years on. In contrast to school, these facilities are not obligatory and subject to a charge. Information concerning the availability of pre-school facilities of Chemnitz will be given by the Amt für Jugend und Familie.

As in Germany the legislation within the education sector belongs to the Länder, the educational systems vary from Land to Land. In Germany the children initially visit the primary school for 4 years. In the fourth year of school the parents get a letter of recommendation concerning the appropriate type of secondary school education for their children: this may be secondary modern school on the one hand or gymnasium on the other.

The secondary modern school at Saxony includes the classes 5-10 and offers three types of school-leaving qualifications:

  • the “Hauptschulabschluss” (after the 9th class)
  • the Qualified “Hauptschulabschluss” (after the 9th class and having passed an additional examination)
  • the “Realschulabschluss” (after the 10th class and having passed a final examination)

If required by the parents and in the case of appropriate learning performances by their chield, pupils may change between these school-leaving qualifications until the 9th class.

The gymnasium includes the classes 5-12 and prepares directly for the general higher education entrance qualification, the “Abitur”. The classes 5-6 have a certain orientation function which means that, adequate learning performances provided, the pupil may change between secondary modern school and gymnasium without major problems. The nearest school to your domicile at Chemnitz you can search here.

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