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International Office
Step by Step to TU Chemnitz

Step by step to TU Chemnitz

In order to support the striving of TU Chemnitz for gaining the "best heads" world-wide for doctoral studies or scientific work at our university, the subsequent checklists for international PhD-students and scientists were elaborated with the objectives to provide an overview of the essential "To do's" with regard to a stay at TU Chemnitz to interested parties on the one hand but also to facilitate a bit the orientation for Incoming-PhD-students and -scientists on the other so that they can concentrate as early as possible on the most important issue: their scientific work.

Concerning all questions and need for support in organizational matters, the International Office is with the international PhD-students and scientists who would like to come to TU Chemnitz as well as already stay at our university by providing providing information and assistance. A special service are the PhD-Assistants of the International Office who offer their direct support i.a. during appointments with public authorities or concerning possible linguistic challenges in administrative processes. In contrast, the academic and scientific support of international PhD-students and scientists is provided by the professors and scientific assistants at the faculties of TU Chemnitz.

The subsequent checklists should be understood as supplementary support in addition to own research and contact with the respective responsible institutions. For this reason they do not raise any claim on completeness nor can be overtaken any legal reliability on the provided information at this place. Nevertheless, all users are cordially invited to send their propositions and ideas concerning the completion, enhancement and optimization of these checklists as well as their indications regarding usability of the design and up-to-dateness as well as correctness of the information to the International Office at any time.

The International Office thanks you for your support and is very delighted to welcome you to TU Chemnitz (soon)!

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