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Professorship of Human Locomotion


In the field of biomechanics of the lower extremities, the Professorship of Human Locomotion is a center of excellence. Neurophysiological (sensory and reflex systems) and biomechanical functionality (kinetics and kinematics) are analyzed in daily and sporting situations. 

In the field of basic research, the complex interaction of sensory and motor skills is analyzed for clinical aspects and in sports science. The influence of diseases like Diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, Vertigo syndrome and obesity on static and dynamic movement, as well as changed sensory perception have priority. Therefore, many measurement procedures have been used to detect and quantify effects of these diseases. Furthermore, biomechanical characterization of human tissues is done to investigate mechanical properties under different loads to model body internal structures like ligaments, muscles and tendons.

In the area of applied research, the scientific focus is on developing and analyzing sport shoes. Based on the characterization of mechanical properties of shoes with different types of construction, biomechanical and physiological performance data are analyzed. The evaluation of fit and comfort is done with subjective perception in combination with the objectification of the foot morphology using imaging technologies.