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Professorship of Power Electronics

Welcome to the Professorship of Power Electronics!



The research focus of the Professorship of Power Electronics is the investigation of robustness and reliability of power semiconductor devices. The main focus is on the topics of overload capability (short circuit, surge current, avalanche) and power cycling ruggedness. This includes the consideration of the semiconductor materials Si, SiC and GaN. Semiconductor and thermomechanical simulations on FEM basis are being used to examine internal physical processes further in detail.
Until 2020 the professorship was headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Josef Lutz. After that Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Basler took over.


The current course plan and the corresponding access links are now available here: and in the tab Education. Please pay special attention to the introductory events for the practical hours.

The vacant position is described in detail here.

Chair for Power Electronics and Center for Microtechnologies at TU Chemnitz are combining their expertise for reliability, robustness, and lifetime estimation for power semicondcutor switches within EU-project „TRANSFORM“ Aritcle in german can be found here.

Christian Schwabe, PhD Student at the Chair of Power Electronics at the Technical University of Chemnitz, received at the -PCIM Europe 2021-, the biggest conference for power electronics in europe, the Young Engineer Award. The article (german) can be found here TU Homepage or as .

The whole article (in german) can be found here:

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Recent Publications

Nr. Titel Autoren Jahr
1 Aluminium modification as indicator for current filaments under repetitive short-circuit in 650 V IGBTs Mysore, Madhu Lakshman et al. 2021
2 CO2-Restbudget & kostrom : Handlungsoption Leistungselektronik Lutz, Josef 2021
3 Die Ressourcen der kosysteme sind aufgebraucht Lutz, Josef 2021
4 Elektronische Vorrichtungen mit elektrisch isolierten Lastelektroden Frgut, Edward et al. 2021
5 Failure Structure in a Semiconductor Device Basler, Thomas et al. 2021
6 Fast Short Circuit Type I Detection Method based on VGE-Monitoring Herrmann, Clemens* et al. 2021
7 Gate Oxide Reliability of 1.2 kV and 6.5 kV SiC MOSFETs under Stair-Shaped Increase of Positive and Negative Gate Bias Boldyrjew-Mast, Roman* et al. 2021
8 High-Voltage IGBT turn-off at transition from overcurrent to desaturation Chen, Weinan* et al. 2021
9 Influence of different test strategies on the power cycling test results of 6.5 kV SiC MOSFETs Gerlach, Martina et al. 2021
10 Influence of Internal Semiconductor Processes on Errors at Measurement of Thermal Resistance Chen, Weinan* et al. 2021