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Professorship of Power Electronics


The main focus in our classes is on the transfer of knowledge about semiconductor physical basics, structure and design of semiconductor devices, applications in power electronics circuits and evulation of robustness and reliability of the device and its case, with regard to its lifetime and in case of overload applications. Therefore, the study offer is very much related to the research topics of the professorship. In addition, aspects such as sustainability, electromagnetic compatibility and economic efficiency are being examined in more detail.
In the case of Masters; classes especially, topicality through constant enhancement of presentations and lecture contents is being emphasized.

Here you can find the recent lectures offered in the summer semester of 2024 .
If you have questions about specific classes please contact the person in charge.

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Study offer Study level Lecture form
Credit points
winter semester
Leistungselektronik Bachelor 3/1/0/0 9 LP
Regenerative Energietechnik I
2/0/0/1 4 LP
/Industrielle Elektronik
Master (external)
2/1/2/0 6 LP
Bauelemente der Leistungselektronik Master 3/1/1/0 7 LP
Power Semiconductor Devices 3/1/0/0 5 LP
summer semester
Leistungselektronik Bachelor 1/1/2/0 9 LP
Simulation elektroenergetischer Systeme Master 1/1/0/0 3 LP
Entwurf und Berechnung
leistungselektronischer Systeme
3/0/0/0 4 LP
semester independent
Praktische Ausbildung
Bachelor (0/0/1/0)
8 Wochen
8 LP
Bachelorarbeit 18 Wochen 10 LP
Master (0/0/1/0)
20 Wochen
30 LP
Masterarbeit 23 Wochen 30 LP