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Professur Digital- und Schaltungstechnik
Student Research Topics

Student research topics

At the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology student topics in the field of digital data transmission technologies, computerbased behavoir analysis and computer vision on embedded systems are available. The given topics can be modified to the personal interests of the student. Master and diploma thesises are assigned in coordination with the student. Here it is tried to find a solution that allows a continuation of the topic as a researcher at the chair after the completion of the studies.

Please send your request to request-dst@...

Individual topics could registrated according to prior agreement.

The following topics can be dealt with at the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology:
Topic Details BT RP MT
Motion and edge fusion via dense extreme inception network [EN]x
Literature Research on CNNs for Stereo Vision [EN]x
Synthetic Data Acquisition [EN]x
Optical Flow Ground Truth [EN]xx
Analyse und Verarbeitung omnidirektionaler Bilder [DE]xx
Entwicklung eines Klassifikators von Bildern [DE]x
Punktwolken-Generierung von 3D-Objekten [DE]x
Combine Mesh Rigging and Skinning with 3D Skeleton Data [EN]x
2D Image to 3D Model [EN]x
The following topics are currently in progress at the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology:
Topic Student Adviser Type
Neural Network Runtime Optimization for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Kshama Ramesh Norbert NestlerMT
Omnidirectional tracking of a person using camshift filter Sushmitha Raju Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Training of Block Matching Parameters for 3D Indoor Scene Reconstruction Manlin Liu Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Julian SeuffertRP
Comparison of CNN based Semi Supervised Image Classification Methods Nisha Chothe Tobias Scheck, Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Class-Balanced Loss Based on Effective Number of Samples Sharad Sirsat Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Tobias ScheckRP
Human activity recognition from 3D skeletons Vignesh Sundaramahalingam Jingrui YuRP
CNN-based object detection at night Karthik Addagadde Ramesh Roman SeidelRP
Model transitions of object detection in different illumination scenarios Sachin Manjunath Roman SeidelRP
Implementierung eines Radarsensormodells in einer virtuellen Simulationsumgebung Eric Stephan Gangolf HirtzMT
Online Object Detection using Lidar Aakarsh Muralidhar Jois Gangolf HirtzMT
The following topics were delt with at the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology in the last years:
Topic Student Adviser Type
Influence of fisheye distortion for free space detection Waqas Ahmed Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Tobias ScheckRP
Dynamic update of a 3D-point cloud using background subtraction on stereo images Charmi Patel Julian Seuffert, Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Estimation of Gait Parameters based on 3D Human Gait Ankit Jaiswal Jyothsna KondraguntaRP
Domain Adaptation of Synthetic Generated Omnidirectional Images for Object Detection using Generative Adversarial Network Muhammad Zohair Qamar Tobias ScheckMT
Domain Adaptation of Synthetic Generated Omnidirectional Images for Object Detection using Style Transfer Methods Ashish Vellora Madathil Tobias ScheckMT
Integration of two background models in order to identify new static objects in a scene Anshuman Paresh Thaker Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Influence of Number of Classes for CNNs using Feature Space Deepak Chandra Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Tobias ScheckRP
Human activity recognition from 3D skeleton data using machine learning Madhubala Ramalingam Jingrui YuRP
Dense optical flow estimation and evaluation Sohaib Arif Roman SeidelRP
Design and Evaluation of a Miniaturized Flourescence Sensor Platform Nikhil Sudhir Apte Gangolf HirtzMT
Evaluation of Data Augmentation Methods to improve the Generalization of CNNs using Synthetic Data Keval Dholu Tobias Scheck, Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
3D Human Pose Estimation using Recurrent Neural Networks with Sequence-to-Sequence Architecture Shamini Koravuna Jyothsna KondraguntaRP
A comparison of supervised and unsupervised optical flow estimation Shubham Soukhiya Roman SeidelRP
A survey to dense optical flow Parag Jain Roman SeidelRP
Selecting Influential Examples for Active Learning Saurab Band Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Tobias ScheckRP
Optical Flow Literature Review Mohit Tembe Roman SeidelRP
Feature Space Dimension Reduction using PCA Aravind Muthusamy Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Tobias ScheckRP
Human Mesh Creation and Texturing with 3D sensors Sivakumar Varadharajan Lars LehmannRP
Radio Resource Allocation Algorithms in Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for 5G Wireless Networks Charbel Lahoud Gangolf HirtzMT
Human Pose Estimation using 3D Skeleton Joint Position Data Srikanth Duraisingam Sugumar Jingrui YuRP
Interactive Visual-Audio System for Fall detection in Assisted Living Shivaraja Shetty Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Influence of locally connected layers in tensorflow SSD on the quality of object detectors for omnidirectional top-view images Nigam Mohit André ApitzschMT
Determination of Vital Parameters in Videos for Horses Hamsamalini Kodambalker Rajendra Christian WiedeRP
Influence of locally connected layers in tensorflow faster R-CNN on the quality of object detectors for omnidirectional top-view images Rohith Reddy Tummalapalli André ApitzschMT
Dataset of Synchronous Videos from Consecutive Vehicles using CARLA Prasad Rohidas Bhote Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Sleep quality estimation based on video motion Hrishkesh Pattepu Tobias ScheckRP
Automatically learning the noise parameters ot the Kalman Filter Prathamesh Hemchendra Hatle Gangolf HirtzMT
Particle Filter for omnidirectional images Rahul Kamal Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Fall detection on omnidirectional images Vishnu Sambasivan Remani Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Development of a Smart Home Sensor for Water Usage Monisha Macharla Vasu Norbert NestlerRP
Super Pixel Resolution for Fish Eye Image Enhancement Deepanshu Makkar Christian WiedeMT
Point Cloud Filtering for Plane Detection Aarti Krishor Ajapunje Julian SeuffertRP
Determination of Vital Parameters in Videos - Blood Pressure Shaoen Liu Christian WiedeRP
Free Space detection and depth estimation with fisheye cameras Adarsh Mallandur Christian WiedeRP
Vergleich verschiedener Algorithmen zur Lokalisierung anhand der Empfangssignalstärke Mauri Seidel Frank KlöpfelBT
Setup and Evaluation of a Trinocular Omnidirectional Stereo Vision System for Indoor Surveillance Pavan Krishna Deshpande Julian SeuffertMT
Daily Object and Human Pose detetion in Omnidirectional Camera Images Using Neural Networks Jian Bao Jingrui YuMT
Parameter tuning of a convolutional neural network for optical flow determination Jifeng Xiao Roman SeidelMT
Human Activity Recognition for both Predefined and Unseen Classes in the Context of Robots Jewel Jose Norbert NestlerMT
Human body estimation in omnidirectional camera images using SSD and OpenPose Alaa Alibrahim Jingrui YuMT
Bestimmung der Übertragungseigenschaften von Kommunikationskanälen und Einflussgrößen auf komplexe Kommunikationstopologien Konrad Rößler Christoph EllenriederBT
Implementierung eines EKG Messgerätes Saba Abdollahivaloojerdi Christoph EllenriederBT
Synthetic Data Acquisition Muhammad Arshan André ApitzschRP
Analyse, Entwurf und Evaluierung von Verfahren zur Verfolgung mehrerer Personen in Bildsequenzen Sarah Weiß Roman SeidelBT
Analysis of automotive LiDAR sensor data, converting the point cloud data into 2D plots for visualization and performing classical object recognition Ebin Roy André ApitzschRP
From Points to Images: Transformation of single planes to binary images Raul Beltran Beltran Roman SeidelRP
Human Pose Estimation by Maschine learning using TensorFlow Athul Mohan Jyothsna KondraguntaRP
Deep learning based Human Pose Estimation using Theano Abin Jo Abraham Jyothsna KondraguntaRP
Automatische Annotation von Skelettsequenzen mithilfe von Dynamic Time Warping für die Fehlererkennung bei Therapieübungen Trixy Meyer Julia RichterBT
Determination of Vital Parameters in Videos - Oxygen Saturation Raziuddin Annsari Khazi Christian WiedeRP
Invalid-Status Identification of Traffic Signs Manu Manuel Christian WiedeMT
Implementation of an Enhanced Testbench based on the Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology Md Iqbal Hossan Asif Gangolf HirtzRP
Entwicklung eines Demonstrators für Signalverarbeitungsalgorithmen Daniel Rudolph Christoph EllenriederBT
Object Detection from 3D Sensor Raw Data in Autonomous Driving Zeyad Elfeheil André ApitzschMT
Adaptive Anti-aliasing for fisheye cameras in surround view systems Vijaykumar Varun Roman SeidelMT
Design of a 200GHz distributed voltage-controlled Oszillatorv (DVCO) Vaidhyanathan Elumalei Gangolf HirtzMT
Accuracy Analysis for Remote Respiration Rate Determination Romail Memon Christian WiedeRP
Remote Breath Rate Determination in Thermal Videos Arwa Own Christian WiedeRP
Vital Parameter Determination in Thermal Videos Chaitanya Bandi Christian WiedeMT
Determination of Vital Parameters in Videos - Oxygen Saturation Hanagodimath Suresh Sagar Christian WiedeRP
3D-Plane-Estimation in Pointcloud and Depth-Data Sundaresh Ramakrishnaiah Roman SeidelRP
Developement of an IoT Demonstrator using mbed Maria Sadek Markus HeßMT
Analyse von Kommunikationsmethoden des "Internet of Things" Tobias Kohlbau Markus HeßRP
Stereo Correspondance on FPGA Ankit Sharma André ApitzschRP
Validation of Intrinsic Calibration for Extreme Wide-Angle Stereo Vision Systems Muhammad Eirij Lars MeinelMT
Analysis and enhancement of thermal image based human skeleton extraction algorithms Jewel Jose Julia RichterRP
Human Skeleton Detection in Thermal Image Data Akash Shankar Julia RichterRP
Camera Based Moving Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Shruthi Reddy Morsu Michel FindeisenMT
Piezo Senor based Breath Rate Detector using STM32 Nucleo Jithin Mathew Christian WiedeRP
Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media Selvalatha Selvaraj Hemalatha André ApitzschRP
Human Skeleton Detection in Thermal Image Data Vijaykumar Pandurang Shejal Julia RichterRP
Object Detection using CUDA Milad Lashini André ApitzschMT
Development of a Robust Remote Heart Rate Detection Jingting Sun Christian WiedeMT
Channel Modeling for OFDM PLC System Muhammad Irfan Sebastian BaumgartnerMT
Sensor-Data-Logger using Raspberry Pi 3 with Linux Pavan Sanjeev Shetty Sebastian BaumgartnerRP
Sensor-Data-Logger using STM32F401 Processor with mbed Chetan Kumaraswamy Sebastian BaumgartnerRP
Determination of Human Skeletons in Thermal Images Chaitanya Bandi Christian WiedeRP
Movement Error Classification for Assisted Physical Therapy Ferin Thunduparampil Philipose Julia RichterRP
Human Action Recognition Using Skeletal Information Abhishek Honnavalli Puttaiah Julia RichterRP
Remote Breath Rate Detection in RGB-Data Manu Manuel Christian WiedeRP
Depth Map Interpolation by Fitting Planes to Color Image Segments Akash Sachdeva Lars MeinelRP
Depth Map Interpolation by Fitting Planes to Color Image Segments Umapathy Edala Dhanraj Lars MeinelRP
Fast feature-based object tracking in video streams Siddhant Mehta Markus HeßRP
Human movement modelling Bharat Shinde Julia RichterRP
Investigation of Recent Approaches in the Field of Wide Baseline Stereo Vision Shruthi Reddy Morsu Michel FindeisenRP
Plane Detection using Single Stereo Image Nithin Reddy Kadimpally André ApitzschRP
Implementation of a Plane Detection for Stereo Vision Ruta Deshpande André ApitzschRP
Hardware accelorated video streaming for multiple processor architectures Varun Vijaykumar Stefan WeislederRP
Correction of Human Movement During Therapy Exercises Javeriah Abbasi Julia RichterRP
Channel Estimation in OFDM based Systems Sarah Cheraghinav Sebastian BaumgartnerRP
Human Action Recognition by Means of Pose Features in Video Sequences Jingting Sun Julia RichterRP
Human Skeleton Fitting in RGB-D data Mohamed Khaled Julia RichterRP
Human Action Recognition by Means of Parameters of Time and Ferquency Domain Ahsan Shahenshah Julia RichterRP
Reduction of Movement Artefacts for Remote Heart Rate Detection Harsha Mathur Christian WiedeRP
Remote Heart Rate Detection based on Head Motions Faraz Qureishi Christian WiedeRP
Implementierung digitaler Filter auf einem ARM Cortex M4 Prozessor Felix Thieme Sebastian BaumgartnerBT
Software Toolbox for a modular Vision System Susheel Perugu André ApitzschRP
Structure from Motion – From Sparse to Dense Image Correspondence Sascha Kaden Michel FindeisenBT
Implementierung und Inbetriebnahme eines DAB+ Empfänger mithilfe einer SDR Plattform und des GNU Radio Frameworks Philipp Schnabel Sebastian BaumgartnerBT
Human Action Recognition with Microsoft Kinect Skeleton and Depth Data Siddhant Karande Julia RichterRP
Validation of People Detection Algorithms Min Bao Julia RichterBT
Mood Recognition by the Means of Facial Expression Mani Durga Yaswanth Reddy Botta Venkata Christian WiedeRP
Design and Evaluation of FPGA based Image Processing Algorithm on ZYNQ Platform Amrutansh Gudivada René SchmidtRP
Auto-layout Algorithm for arrangement of processing blocks in a graphical system editor Saeid Yazdani Markus HeßRP
Entwurf und Evaluierung von Convolutional Neural Networks für die Objekterkennung in digitalen Bildern Arne Glaser Christian WiedeMT
Detecting Human Heart Rate in Video Data Fajer Khair Aldin Christian WiedeRP
Investigation and Analysis of Skeleton Extraction Algorithms Darshan Prakash Julia RichterRP
Action Recognition using Kinect Kaushal Parekh Julia RichterRP
PAPR Reduction in OFDM based Systems Patel Sagar Sebastian Baumgartner, Youssef El Hajj ShehadehRP
Impulsive Noise Reduction and Cancellation in OFDM Systems Suchith Goud Veeramalla Youssef El Hajj ShehadehRP
Entwurf eines Kommunikationsprotokolls basierend auf SPI mit parallelen Datenströmen Kiran Bhat René SchmidtRP
Stereo Korrespondenz auf FPGA Aliakbar Merchant René SchmidtRP
Evaluierung und Implementierung eines Cognitive Radio Systems für industrielle drahtlose Datenübertragungen am Beispiel eines Regelkreises Christian Simon Sebastian BaumgartnerMT
Analyse und Evaluierung von Kompressionsalgorithmen zur Übertragung von RGB-D-Videodaten Felix Hüppner René SchmidtBT
Aufbau eines diskreten Klasse D Audio Leistungsverstärkers Ingo Windrich Sebastian BaumgartnerBT
Evaluierung von Embedded Boards im Anwendungsgebiet Bildverarbeitung am Beispiel eine Bewegungserkennung Martin Dörfelt Christian WiedeBT
Acceleration of Image Processing algorithms using a GPU Tobias Kohlbau Markus HeßBT
Untersuchtung von Methoden der kamerabasierten Sturtzdetektion im häuslichen Umfeld Sebastian Bilda Markus HeßBT
Automatische extrinsische Kalibrierung eines Stereo-Vision-Systems Benjamin Wozniak Lars MeinelRP
Evaluierung und Implementierung eines echtzeitfähigen Software Defined Radio UKW Empfängers auf verschiedenen Embedded Boards mittels unterschiedlicher HF Frontends Christian Simon Sebastian BaumgartnerRP
Implementierung einer OFDM basierten Ethernet Übertragung auf einem DSP über UTP Markus Freund Gangolf Hirtz, Stefan HeilandDT
DC-DC-Wandler zur Bereitstellung einer Hilfsversorgung Stefanie Wolf Gangolf Hirtz, Gangolf HirtzBT
Evaluierung und Implementierung von Synchronisations- Algorithmen für einen DAB/DAB+/DMB Empfänger Stefan Helmert Sebastian BaumgartnerBT
Multi-Objektverfolgung zur Innenraumüberwachung unter Nutzung eines omnidirektionalen Kamerasystems Lars Meinel Michel FindeisenDT
Klassifizierung von Bewegungen mittels Sparse Features Thomas Graichen Michel FindeisenDT
Klassifizierung menschlicher Verhaltensmuster mittels Bildverarbeitungsalgorithmen unter Verwendung von Image Models Julia Richter Michel FindeisenDT
Untersuchung von merkmalsbasierenden dynamischen Hintergrundmodellen Benjamin Pöschmann Gangolf HirtzBT
Trafic Sign Recognition Axel Reinöhl Michel FindeisenSP
Verfahren zur Kalibrierung von perspektivischen und omnidirektionalen Kamerasystemen Lars Meinel Michel FindeisenSP
Fahrstreifenerkennung auf einem DSP Stefan Weisleder Michel FindeisenDT
Entwurf und Implementierung einer Objekterkennung und -verfolgung auf einem DSP André Stelzer Michel FindeisenDT
Implementierung eines Systems für die digitale Bildverarbeitung in einem FPGA mit Hilfe der Xilinx EDK Software Daniel Nagel Michel FindeisenSP
Entwicklung von Bildverarbeitungsalgorithmen für ein intelligentes Stereokamerasystem Tony Schriefer Michel FindeisenSP
FishEye-kamerabasierte Fußgängererkennung, effiziente Klassifizierung und verbesserte Leistungsmaße Markus Heß Arne Glaser, Michel FindeisenDT
Hindernisdetektion mit einer monokularen Kamera für Parkassistenzanwendungen Sebastian Kranz Michel FindeisenDT
Evaluierung und Implementierung von Algorithmen zur Frequenzakquisition, Synchronisation und Kanalschätzung für einen DRM-Software Defined Radio Receiver Sebastian Baumgartner Sven QuingerDT
Automatisierte Bewertung und Darstellung von E/E-Architekturen im Kaftfahrzeug Alexander Schmidt Gangolf HirtzDT
Implementierung eines Digitalen Filters für die Bildverarbeitung in einem FPGA mit Hilfe des Xilinx Blocksets in Matlab/Simulink David Berthold Michel FindeisenSP
BT - Bachelor Thesis, RP - Research Project, MT - Master Thesis, SP - Seminar Paper, DT - Diploma Thesis