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Professur Digital- und Schaltungstechnik
Student Research Topics

Student research topics

At the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology student topics in the field of digital data transmission technologies, computerbased behavoir analysis and computer vision on embedded systems are available. The given topics can be modified to the personal interests of the student. Master and diploma thesises are assigned in coordination with the student. Here it is tried to find a solution that allows a continuation of the topic as a researcher at the chair after the completion of the studies.

Please send your request to

Individual topics could registrated according to prior agreement.

The following topics are currently in progress at the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology:
Topic Adviser Type
Dual camera calibration set-up for web-cam and calculation of shoulder angle parameter Ankit JaiswalRP
Multiclass Image Classification using Active Learning Techniques Gangolf HirtzMT
Human Pose Estimation in OmnidirectionalImages with MMPose Jingrui YuRP
Entwicklung eines Klassifikators von Bildern André ApitzschBT
End-to-End Grasp Detection in Robotic Bin Picking Jingrui YuMT
Extension of a CNN Architecture for Omnidirectional Depth Estimation Ana Cecilia Perez Grassi, Julian SeuffertMT
Determining the Size of Shrimp via Computer Vision Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
AI-based sample-efficient environment model learning Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Video supported quality monitoring in grain harvest Gangolf HirtzMT
Implementation of a Stereo Vision Network Processing Omnidirectional Images on Embedded Devices Julian SeuffertMT
3D Skeleton Reconstruction using 2D Key points Jingrui YuRP
Generation of Synthetic Data for Deep Learning in the Context of Activities of Daily Living Tobias Scheck, Norbert NestlerMT
Instance Segmentation of Occluded Objects Using Deep Learning Roman SeidelMT
Dense Optical Flow Data Generation and Validation for Auto Encoder-Decoder Networks Roman SeidelMT
Self-Supervised Optical flow estimation with Fisheye camera Roman SeidelMT
Learning based plane estimation for 3D surround view reconstruction Roman SeidelMT
The following topics were delt with at the chair of Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Technology in the last years:
Topic Adviser Type
Adaptive algorithms for drone detection using a MIMO radar Gangolf HirtzMT
Using Neural Networks for the Domain Adaptation of Synthetic Generated Documents​ Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Sentiment and Stance Detection on Social Media Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Model transition for CNN based object detection in various lighting scenarios Roman SeidelRP
Motion and edge fusion via dense extreme inception network Roman SeidelRP
Large Scale Similar Aerial Image Retrieval System Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Characterization and Tracking of an Inductively Coupled Plasma through Machine Vision for Assistance in Optical Emission Spectrometry Devices Gangolf Hirtz, Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Performance Analysis of Anchor based and Anchorless DNNs in Object detection using Synthetic Images Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Developing a Machine Learning Method for Selecting Maneuvers Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection with RAPID Architecture Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Development of Simulation and HIL Environments Gangolf HirtzMT
GPS disciplined sampling clock generation and precision clock hold over design for synchronized power grid measurement systems Gangolf HirtzMT
Eye tracking: Improvement of prediction accuracy by the combination of classifiers​ Jingrui YuMT
Investigation of gender differences for the interest in different regions of human faces in varying age groups Jingrui YuMT
Digital Signal Processing of Time Domain Signals for Electromagnetic Interference Analysis Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Gangolf HirtzMT
2D Images to 3D Model Lars LehmannRP
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for CenterNet using Fourier Domain Adaptation​ Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for CenterNet using Adversarial Entropy Minimization​ Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Robotics process automation with artificial intelligence Jingrui YuMT
Evaluation of Domain Randomization with Synthetic Images using CenterNet Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Combine Mesh Rigging and Skinning with 3D Skeleton Data for Real time Face Animation Lars LehmannMT
Generation of Saliency Maps Using Neural Networks Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Disparity Map Generation for Perspective Images Converted from Omni-Directional Images with AnyNet Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Comparative Study between Camshift and CSRT Trackers on Omnidirectional Images Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Depth Estimation For Surround View Images using Object Detection and Ground - Wheel Contact Points Gangolf HirtzMT
Efficient Neural Network training using small real world datasets Jingrui YuMT
Quantization and Optimization of Machine Learning Models for Radar Based Object Classification Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
CNN-based object detection at night Roman SeidelRP
Training of Block Matching Parameters for 3D Indoor Scene Reconstruction Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Class-Balanced Loss Based on Effective Number of Samples Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Comparison of CNN based Semi Supervised Image Classification Methods Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Human activity recognition from 3D skeletons Jingrui YuRP
Influence of fisheye distortion for free space detection Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Dynamic update of a 3D-point cloud using background subtraction on stereo images Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Integration of two background models in order to identify new static objects in a scene Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Influence of Number of Classes for CNNs using Feature Space Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Human activity recognition from 3D skeleton data using machine learning Jingrui YuRP
Dense optical flow estimation and evaluation Roman SeidelRP
Design and Evaluation of a Miniaturized Flourescence Sensor Platform Gangolf HirtzMT
Evaluation of Data Augmentation Methods to improve the Generalization of CNNs using Synthetic Data Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
A comparison of supervised and unsupervised optical flow estimation Roman SeidelRP
A survey to dense optical flow Roman SeidelRP
Selecting Influential Examples for Active Learning Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Optical Flow Literature Review Roman SeidelRP
Implementierung eines Radarsensormodells in einer virtuellen Simulationsumgebung Gangolf HirtzMT
Feature Space Dimension Reduction using PCA Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Human Mesh Creation and Texturing with 3D sensors Lars LehmannRP
Radio Resource Allocation Algorithms in Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for 5G Wireless Networks Gangolf HirtzMT
Human Pose Estimation using 3D Skeleton Joint Position Data Jingrui YuRP
Interactive Visual-Audio System for Fall detection in Assisted Living Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiMT
Online Object Detection using Lidar Gangolf HirtzMT
Dataset of Synchronous Videos from Consecutive Vehicles using CARLA Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Automatically learning the noise parameters ot the Kalman Filter Gangolf HirtzMT
Particle Filter for omnidirectional images Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Fall detection on omnidirectional images Ana Cecilia Perez GrassiRP
Vergleich verschiedener Algorithmen zur Lokalisierung anhand der Empfangssignalstärke Frank KlöpfelBT
Daily Object and Human Pose detetion in Omnidirectional Camera Images Using Neural Networks Jingrui YuMT
Parameter tuning of a convolutional neural network for optical flow determination Roman SeidelMT
Human body estimation in omnidirectional camera images using SSD and OpenPose Jingrui YuMT
Analyse, Entwurf und Evaluierung von Verfahren zur Verfolgung mehrerer Personen in Bildsequenzen Roman SeidelBT
From Points to Images: Transformation of single planes to binary images Roman SeidelRP
Implementation of an Enhanced Testbench based on the Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology Gangolf HirtzRP
Adaptive Anti-aliasing for fisheye cameras in surround view systems Roman SeidelMT
Design of a 200GHz distributed voltage-controlled Oszillatorv (DVCO) Gangolf HirtzMT
3D-Plane-Estimation in Pointcloud and Depth-Data Roman SeidelRP
Implementierung einer OFDM basierten Ethernet Übertragung auf einem DSP über UTP Gangolf HirtzDT
DC-DC-Wandler zur Bereitstellung einer Hilfsversorgung Gangolf HirtzBT
Untersuchung von merkmalsbasierenden dynamischen Hintergrundmodellen Gangolf HirtzBT
Automatisierte Bewertung und Darstellung von E/E-Architekturen im Kaftfahrzeug Gangolf HirtzDT
BT - Bachelor Thesis, RP - Research Project, MT - Master Thesis, SP - Seminar Paper, DT - Diploma Thesis