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Chair of Macroeconomics
Chair of Macroeconomics

Welcome to the Chair of Macroeconomics


Subject and Research Objectives

Macroeconomics is concerned with topics of aggregate economies like unemployment, inflation, inequality, business cycles, growth and development, as well as their causes and consequences. Research and teaching at the chair of macroeconomics at Chemnitz University of Technology particularly focuses on the role of public institutions, like fiscal and monetary policy, as well as private consumption and investment decisions on employment, distribution, growth and sustainability. 




06.07.2022 - Vacancy „Research assistant (m/f/d) (100 %, salary group 13 TV-L); 

As of October 1st, 2022, there is a position as a full-time research assistant (m/f/d) (100 %, salary group 13 TV-L) limited to September 30, 2024.

05.07.2022 - HR2 Podcast - The Day: „Expensive burden - How to deal with inflation properly“ 

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gechert speaks in the HR2 podcast - The Day about how to deal with inflation properly. He can be heard from minute 08:40.

27.06.2022 - JHG Chemnitz: Event "Time for science-environmental economics: How can CO2 pricing succeed in a socially acceptable way?"" 

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 6:00 p.m. in Weinhold Building 2/W012

Prof. Dr. Gechert will give a lecture on CO2 pricing. The event is designed as a supplementary educational format for TUC students and anyone interested. It should offer space to gain new knowledge and to engage in thematic exchange with Prof. Dr. Gechert able to kick.

23.06.2022 - TUCaktuell: „People on low incomes who have no reserves are particularly affected by this situation." 

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gechert from the TU Chemnitz is an expert for economic developments and sustainable management - in an interview he talks about the effects of historical inflation on the economy and climate protection

05.05.2022 - TUCaktuell: Workshop "Successful application for a professorship" 

A series of events on the above-mentioned Theme. On 10.6. a workshop will be held for this purpose, which is aimed specifically at social scientists and for which e.g. Prof. Gechert also gives input.

15.12.2021 - Prof. Dr Sebastian Gechert has been appointed as a liaison lecturer of the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung