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Chair of Macroeconomics

Welcome to the Chair of Macroeconomics

Subject and Research Objectives

Macroeconomics is concerned with topics of aggregate economies like unemployment, inflation, inequality, business cycles, growth and development, as well as their causes and consequences. Research and teaching at the chair of macroeconomics at Chemnitz University of Technology particularly focuses on the role of public institutions, like fiscal and monetary policy, as well as private consumption and investment decisions on employment, distribution, growth and sustainability.


27.03.2024 - Commerzbank Endowed Guest Professorship: Well-known expert on meta-analyses joins Chemnitz University of Technology for research stay

Prof. Tom Stanley (Deakin Business School, Australia) will hold the Commerzbank Endowed Professorship at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from April 8 to 29, 2024 - Public lecture April 16th, 2024


06.02.2024 - Podcast "The Day"; - Topic: Corporate taxation in Germany

Prof. Sebastian Gechert speaks on the topic: Corporate taxation in Germany. The article starts at minute 14:55.

Podcast "The Day"

17.01.2024 - Interactive En-ROADS climate workshop on January 23, 2024

Hans Dieter Kasperidus from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research GmbH, Department of Conservation Biology and Social-Ecological Systems is once again conducting an interactive En-ROADS climate workshop. Anyone interested is warmly welcome. Further information can be found on the flyer.

Flyer En-ROADS climate workshop

15.01.2024 - What is the distribution of wealth in Germany?

In the science podcast "TUCscicast" Sebastian Gechert, Professor of Economics and Macroeconomics at Chemnitz University of Technology, and Christian Neuhäuser, Professor of Political Philosophy at Dortmund University of Technology, talk about various aspects relating to the topic of wealth

Press release from December 14, 2023

11.12.2023 - 9th International FMM Summer School

9th International FMM Summer School Keynesian Macroeconomics and European Economic Policies