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Chair of Macroeconomics


Instructions for theses at the Chair of Macroeconomics

This guide informs you about basic aspects of economic research, form requirements and correct citation as well as the preparation of a list of sources. Please use the guide for any kind of scientific work you want to do at the Chair of Macroeconomics.

Bachelor theses

A requirement for acceptance to the chair is the participation in advanced courses from economics such as:

  • Professional VIP
  • Economics seminars
  • Elective courses from economics

Master theses

A requirement for acceptance at the chair is the participation of courses from the Master Economics such as:

  • Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Environmental and Resource Economics I / II
  • Seminar Master Economics

Thesis Topics

  • CO2 pricing: distributional and incentive effects.
  • The Paris Climate Agreement from an economic perspective.
  • The European Green Deal -- a critical review.
  • De-Growth vs. Green Growth.
  • Globalisation in the light of climate change.
  • Economic comparison of national energy policies of individual countries.
  • Green Banking and Green Monetary Policy.
  • Macroeconomic effects of taxes and government spending.
  • Unconventional Fiscal Policy: The Temporary VAT Reduction in Germany.
  • The marginal propensity to consume in theory and empiricism.
  • Income and wealth distribution in Germany and worldwide.
  • National and International Climate Policy under Consideration of Carbon Leakage.
  • Technological change and unemployment.
  • Effects of subsidy programmes for employees.
  • Civil society organisations and their contribution to the labour market.
  • Determinants and development of labour force participation.

Your own suggestions and wishes on topics will be gladly taken up and agreed upon in a personal conversation. A summary -- also on the general procedure -- can be found here.

For further information, please contact the staff of the Chair of Macroeconomics.