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Chair for Organization and International Management
Chair for Organization and International Management
Portrait: Pia Cardone, Dr.
Pia Cardone, Dr.

Current Research interests:

  • Social inequality and diversity in organizations
  • Development and effects of intraorganizational figurations
  • Processes of organizational in- and exclusion

Publications and Conference Contributions:

  • Tümpel, Markus/ Cardone, Pia (2019): “Obey and obey and obey!” - Deviant entrepreneurial biographies between autonomy and economic restraints." Presentation (M. Tümpel) 11th International Critical Management Studies Conference, June 2019, Milton Keynes, UK.
  • Cardone, Pia/ Kurfürst, Sebastian/ Bort, Suleika (2019): "Bourdieusian approach to the problems of labour market integration of refugees in Germany: A natives’ perspective." Presentation (P. Cardone) EURAM Conference, SIG 05, T05_03-Identity, Power & Migration: Integration and Cross Cultural Management, June 2019, Lisbon.
  • Cardone, Pia (2019): "The gym as intercultural meeting point? Binding effects and boundaries in gym interaction". European Journal for Sport and Society, Special Issue Social Roles of Sport Organisations.DOI: 10.1080/16138171.2019.1607057
  • Rybnikova, Irma/ Cardone, Pia (2018): "Weder Etablierte noch Außenseiter. Figurationssoziologische Betrachtungen der Leiharbeit". Managementforschung 28(1):117"149, DOI:
  • Cardone, Pia (2018): "Cultural Diversity in Commercial Fitness Centres", Presentation 26th European Sport Management Conference (EASM), September 2018, Malmö.
  • Lang, Rainhart/ Tracksdorf, Pia (2017): "Women as leaders? Observing glass ceiling effects through a cultural lense", Presentation (P. Tracksdorf) 33rd European Group of Organization Studies Colloquium (EGOS), Juli 2017, Kopenhagen
  • Bucher, Julien/ Tracksdorf, Pia/ Weller, Anja (2017): "Image and Fame: Behavioral Strategies on YouTube", Vortrag 35th Annual Conference of International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA), Juni 2017, Montreal.
  • Tracksdorf, Pia/ Melzer, Sophie (2017): "Temporary workers as stigmatized group in organizations", Presentation (P. Tracksdorf) 35th Annual Conference of International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA), Juni 2017 Montreal.
  • Rybnikova, Irma/ Tracksdorf, Pia (2016): "Leiharbeitnehmer als betriebliche Außenseiter? Figurationssoziologische Betrachtungen", Presentation 14th Annual Meeting of the Working Group for Empirical Human Resource and Organization Research (Arbeitskreis Empirische Personal- und Organisationsforschung), November 2016, Düsseldorf.
  • Tracksdorf, Pia (2014): Leiharbeit und Sozialkapital. Empirische Betrachtung der Zusammenhänge anhand einer Fallstudie im Automobilsektor. In: Schriften zur Organisationswissenschaft Nr. 21, Masterarbeit, Technische Universität Chemnitz

Curriculum Vitae (short):

Dec 2015 - today: Research Assistant, Chair of Organization and International Management

Oct 2014 - Dec 2015: Teaching and Research Assistant, Working Group for Social Skills and Business Games

Oct 2012 - Sep 2014: Master Management & Organisation Studies TU Chemnitz, Degree M.Sc

Oct 2008 - Oct 2012: Bachelor Degree in Economics & Business Administration, Specialization OPI, TU Chemnitz, Degree B.Sc.

Academic self-administration:

Apr 2019 - today: Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Jan 2018 - Apr 2019: Deputy Equal Opportunity Commissioner Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Dec 2015 - today: Study Commission Member Bachelor Business Administration

Dec 2015 - Sep 2017: Exam Commission Member Bachelor Business Administration


  • Master Tutorial Modern Organizational Theories (German)
  • Master Tutorial Managing Global Networks and Cooperations (English)
  • Master Business Simulation Inter I Ventio (German/English)
  • Master Seminar Modern Organization Theory (English)
  • Master Project (German/English)
  • Bachelor Specialization Seminar OPIN (German)
  • Bachelor Specialization Project OPIN (German)