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Reliable sources of information regarding the Ukraine-conflict

The Ukraine-conflict escalated to an open war and the persisting violence in the region concerns and moves us. It is therefore all the more important to gather comprehensive information in order to make up one’s own mind. In this respect, a great range and variety of opportunities is provided which is very desirable on the one hand but on the other this makes it increasingly difficult to select appropriately which means to distinguish reliable information from “Fake-News” partly presented in an increasingly better “disguised” manner.

In this objective, the University Library would like to offer assistance and has listed some subsequently following propositions of sources providing current and reliable information regarding this topic:

  • „StandWithUkraine“-website of the German Library Association
    Contains i.a. an appeal of the Ukrainian Library Association and information regarding solidarity and assistance activities of German libraries for the Ukraine (in German)
  • Theme-website „War at Ukraine“ of the Professional Association Library Information
    Information i.a. regarding reliable sources related to the Ukraine-war and concerning assistance activities for the Ukrainian Library Association provided by the German Library Association and its member libraries (in German)
  • Interview with Eastern-Europe-expert of Chemnitz University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Stefan Garsztecki, regarding the Ukraine-war
    Information i.a. regarding backgrounds and historical interrelations of the Ukraine-conflict provided by the holder of the Professorship Cultural/ Area Studies of Central and Eastern Europe at Chemnitz University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Stefan Garsztecki (in German).
  • Enyclopedia of Ukraine
    Comprehensive Open Access-reference work with regard to history, state, society and culture of the Ukraine, edited by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
  • Ukrainian Publications
    First database of Ukrainian newspapers and journals world-wide. Includes publications in Russian, Ukrainian and English language related to political, economic and cultural aspects of the Ukraine. Due to national license openly accessible in entire Germany.
  • OsmikonSEARCH
    Portal freely accessible in the web for search of German and international academic literature and research materials with regard to Eastern, Middle-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
  • HistoricumSEARCH
    Portal of the Professional Information Service Historical Sciences freely accessible in the web for search of mainly historical monographs and articles unfortunately provided only partly for Open Access-usage (in German)

Proposition for acquisition

In case you miss an important elaboration regarding the current Ukraine-conflict resp. -war within the collections of the University Library, you are welcome to propose it for acquisition via our online form. Your proposition will be subsequently forwarded to the subject specialist responsible for decision on the acquisition.