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Onwards To Open House Day at Chemnitz University

58 items on the agenda – on 4 May 2019, prospective students can get informed about all of the courses at Chemnitz University and enjoy “TUCtag”

On 4 May 2019, the doors at Chemnitz University of Technology will be opened for students who are wishing to study at a university, for those who are seeking a further degree, and any interested parties from the general public. Between 2 and 6pm, all faculties will be on-hand with useful information at their info booths, and guided tours and lectures will be offered as well. In all, more than 100 study programmes taking place in Wintersemester 2019/2020 will be presented. Included in this are first-time presentations on future programmes in Automotive Informatics (Bachelors/Masters), Neurorobotics (Masters), Sociology with a focus on “Social Cohesion and Conflict Resolution” (Masters), and the extra-occupational Bachelors and Masters programme in “Prevention Management – Competencies for Social Interventions”. The primary venue for this event is the Reichenhainer Straße campus. The event opens at 2pm in the Orangerie Lecture Hall Building, room N114, with a presentation from students about their day-to-day lives.

After the kick-off, guests can expect many lectures and hands-on presentations: for example, the mechanical engineers will show off the world of lightweight construction in an exciting tour of the facilities of the MERGE Technology Center. In addition, visitors can put together the “TUCelinackel” - a metallic, bobblehead dog figure that is made using different manufacturing processes. The Institute of Physics cordially invites all guests to a physics exhibition with liquid plastic at -200 degrees Celsius. The Institute of Chemistry invites guests to tour through the laboratories of the new research building of the Center for Materials, Architecture and Integration of Nanomembranes (MAIN). Electrical Engineering faculty will show how intelligent sensors can help enable people with dementia to live in a home environment. Computer scientists will explain how computers learn to recognise birds based on their song. Media researchers will explain the effects of media and give insight into their current projects as well as everyday life at the university. A workshop will take place starting already at 10am, the “Chemnitz Economic Datathon”, in which economists will reveal the path to a dream job, based on an enormous amount of data. Registration is required in order to attend this workshop. There are also hands-on activities in the form of a “Communications Olympiad” for language and cultural experts, and offerings in the area of primary school education at the Centre for Teacher Training. Furthermore, due to the 100th anniversary of the Adult Education Centre, a traveling exhibition on the Saxon Adult Education Association will be on display, an exhibition which was created together with the Professorship of Adult Education and Continuing Education. Altogether there are a total of 58 programme selections to choose from.

Prospective students can also receive helpful information on internships, job prospects, financing opportunities, campus accommodations and student exchange programmes. There will also be information on hand about support and counseling services for disabled and chronically ill students. During the four hour “Info Marathon” you can also recharge at the snack bar of Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau.

Anyone who would like to hear, see and experience as much as possible at TUCtag and Open House Day on 4 May 2019 should first take a look at the website and plan out their individual programme. More info can be found here:

If you would like to study at Chemnitz University of Technology, you can get started here:

Part-time distance learning and continuing education courses:

Further information is available from the central student advising service of Chemnitz University of Technology, by phone at 0371 531-55555 or by e-mail at

Background: TUCtag – University Day

On 4 May 2019, everybody – young and old, prospective students or alumni, Chemnitzer or non-Chemnitzer, can get to know Chemnitz University in a multifaceted way. Between 2pm and midnight, many doors will be open, in the truest sense of the word – with a programme that is as varied as the university itself. Starting things off is Open House Day. At 3pm, the Children’s University will be open again for our youngest prospective students. And TUCtag ends with the “Long Night of the Sciences”. In addition, the 9th Alumni Meeting will take place. Chemnitz University cordially invites all interested parties to get to know the university from many perspectives.

TUCtag programme at a glance:

(Author: Mario Steinebach / Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

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