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Open letter regarding the events of the last days

We are profoundly shocked and deeply saddened by the events of the last few days. Chemnitz University of Technology strongly condemns acts of violence, xenophobia and racism. We are dismayed by the violent death of the young man last Sunday and the subsequent unjustifiable xenophobic and racist attacks, excesses and riots.

Besides numerous employees of various nationalities, Chemnitz University of Technology has one of the highest shares of international students in Germany and is also the most international university in Saxony. It stands for cosmopolitanism, diversity and peaceful coexistence. The images of the last few days, marked by violence, hatred and agitation, stand in a diametrical contrast to the self-image and the culture lived at our university.

Chemnitz has developed excellently in various areas in recent years thanks to the great commitment of many. In addition to cultural and economic development, this is also reflected in the development of Chemnitz as a science location and thus of our university. It deeply hurts us that the events of the last few days adversely affect this commitment as well as this development and currently dominate the image of Chemnitz. 

Chemnitz University of Technology is aware of its regional responsibility and will continue to live by its principles of democracy, the rule of law and cosmopolitanism.

Prof. Dr. Gerd Strohmeier

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl
Vice President for Academic and International Affairs

(Translation: Annett Müller)

Matthias Fejes

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