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Practical project in a global company

Students of the Chemnitz University of Technology and the Continental AG complete an innovative business-intelligence project

A practical approach on “Data Science” studies: eight students of the practice-oriented Master’s study program “Business Intelligence & Analytics” at the Chemnitz University of Technology analyzed sensor data of tires in the framework of a Master-project in cooperation with the international automotive supplier “Continental”.

The practical project was organized and coordinated by the Professorship of Business Information Systems II (Prof. Peter Gluchowski) at the Chemnitz University, whose research focus is on “Business Intelligence”, the accumulation, collection, and utilization of information and knowledge within the company: “The cooperation with practice partners is an important pillar in the course of our training concept”, says Prof. Peter Gluchowski. The students learn to conceptualize solution approaches for practical problems in concrete projects and to implement available technologies besides writing final papers and listening to guest lectures.

A preparation meeting took place in Hannover, where the headquarters of Continental are located, already in the preliminary stage of the practical phase. The concrete cooperation between the Chemnitz University and Continental took place in virtual teams and was made possible via Continentals’ provided collaboration infrastructure.

Continental applies innovative technology systems such as “ContiPressureCheck” which processes and saves sensor data of tires in real time. Within this cooperation, Continental offered the students to apply their theoretically acquired knowledge on recorded data. In return, the students presented their results at the final presentation at the end of the year. The data analysis and identified patterns, visualizations as well as Proofs of Concepts for promising topics in the future were presented.

The course of studies “Business Intelligence & Analytics” at the Chemnitz University trains those Data Scientists. The graduates combine skills from the fields of statistics, computer science, and economy, a combination of great value especially in the context of the ongoing digitalization of the economy. The degree qualifies for the application oriented analysis of Big Data and imparts knowledge on the collection, utilization, and analysis of data relevant for decision support in various ecological and economical contexts. Thus, the graduates are optimally prepared for the job market in the IT field and acquire a future-oriented job profile.

(Author: Hendrik Wache)

Matthias Fejes

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