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Exercise as Medicine? What the Evolution of our Body can Teach us

Daniel E. Lieberman, Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, will give a guest lecture, December 7, 2016, on how exercise can optimize health in the light of evolution

Is exercise really the best medicine? Is the initial cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes or low back pain a lack of exercise? The renowned evolutionary biologist Daniel E. Lieberman, Edwin M Lerner II Professor of Biological Sciences and chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University in Cambridge (USA), is convinced that the answer to the basic question – why the human body function the way it does – requires an evolutionary perspective. To him it seems paradox that people tend to avoid exercise despite its health benefits. A numerous amount of his research work, partly being published in prestigious journals such as “Nature” or “Science”, show good evidence indicating that humans evolved to be adapted for regular, moderate and enduring physical activity into old age. Therefore, it seems reasonable that some of our diseases are caused by our own physical inactivity.

Professor Daniel E. Lieberman accepted an invitation of the Department of Human Locomotion at the TU Chemnitz, and will give a guest lecture on December 7, 2016, from 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm, providing some insight into his current research work. His lecture on “Is Exercise Medicine? An evolutionary perspective” will take place in the auditorium building N, room 114 and is open to the public. Everyone interested is invited to enjoy in a professionally entertaining way about the history of the human body. The lecture is funded by the project “International Promovieren an der TU Chemnitz”, short InProTUC, aiming to strengthen the international networks of the TU Chemnitz. The project is supported by the DAAD with funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Freddy Sichting for further information: phone 0371 531-38823, e-mail:

(Translation: Alissa Hölzel)

Mario Steinebach

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