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Award for Outstanding New Measurement Method

Maik Trautmann from the Professorship of Composite Materials received the Best Poster Award at the 20th Symposium for Composites and Material Compounds in Vienna

  • Maik Trautmann (4th from right) received his first prize along with the second and third place scientists. The award was presented by (from the right) Prof. Dr. Carlos Requena from the German Aerospace Centre, Prof. Dr. Christian Edtmaier from the Technical University of Vienna, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wielage from the TU Chemnitz and Dr. Michael Klinge (far left ) from the Springer-Verlag. Among the first to congratulate the winners were Prof. Dr. Guntram Wagner and Prof. Dr. Daisy Nestler of the TU Chemnitz Professorship of Composite Materials (2nd and 3rd from left). Photo: private

Having his or her own work acknowledged by a group of experts represents a very special distinction for every scientist. Maik Trautmann from the Professorship of Composite Materials of the TU Chemnitz experienced this honour. At the 20th Symposium for Composites and Material Compounds in Vienna, he was awarded the prize for the best poster presentation. Trautmann is a research assistant at the Federal Cluster of Excellence “Merge Technologies for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures” (MERGE) in action field A.

An expert jury selected Trautmann`s work on an innovative new measurement method of the surface roughness of circular reinforcing fibres from 47 poster contributions and honoured it with the 1st prize. The method presented in the poster is based on a digital analysis in the micrometre range on the basis of fibre cross-sections captured through electron microscopy. In this way, various reinforcing fibre geometries and the influence of fibre pretreatment processes and coatings can be compared with high accuracy. At the meeting, Trautmann also presented results on novel hybrid sandwich structures consisting of an aluminum foam core with cover layers of thermoplastic hybrid laminates (CAPAAL).

A total of eight employees of the Cluster of Excellence MERGE attended the three-day symposium and presented their research on multifunctional hybrid lightweight structures.

All contributions are published in the conference transcript at

(Author: Dr. Thomas Grund, Translation: Grätel Marksteiner)

Katharina Thehos

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