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After gaining a degree in mechanical engineering, TUC graduate Oliver Georgi received the Intec Award for his diploma project

  • Oliver Georgi has completed the Diploma study program in Mechanical and Production Engineering at TU Chemnitz. Today, he works as a mechanical designer at the NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH in Chemnitz. Photo: Tom Brandenburg

The support of committed young professionals is an asset to any industry. The Intec, an international trade fair for machine tools, manufacturing and automation, announcing a young professionals’ award for young sector employees has taken a way in this direction. Thus, the prospective engineers are recognized for their innovative projects. One of them is Oliver Georgi, who has received the Intec Award for his diploma project during the official opening ceremony of the Intec and Z, which was held on 23 February 2015 in the Congress Center Leipzig. The NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH in Chemnitz that applied with an edited project of Oliver Georgi, this company’s mechanical designer, for the prize endowed with 1,500 Euro.

The engineering career of Oliver Georgi began in 2006 with his enrollment in the Diploma study program in Mechanical and Production Engineering at Technische Universität Chemnitz. “Due to school graduation and my family I had both, the conditions and a direct contact to professional life and, thereby, an idea of what is happening there“, said the son of a technical working preparer. During his main study period, Georgi concentrated on the general design theory before immersing towards lightweight structure with emphasis on lightweight construction in the subsequent course of the study. Towards the end of the study in 2013, Oliver Georgi finished an internship at the NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH, in which was also born the idea for his prize-winning diploma project. “During my studies, I have been working for four years at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU and then wanted to get to know a company in which a customer-oriented product is in focus. I have deliberately withdrawn the internship till the end of my studies, since it enables to challenge the way from writing a thesis up to permanent workplace in the company“, says the 27-year-old. During his activity as a scientific assistant at the Fraunhofer IWU, Georgi worked on projects in the Collaborative Research Center SFB 692 HALS of TU Chemnitz. For this purpose occurred his study and project work, for which Oliver Georgi designed a device for gradation rolling, on which he subsequently conducted experiments.

The content of his final thesis entitled “Working area optimisation for technology expansion of a modular machine tool“ revolves the realization of the opposite simultaneous machining within the machine concept, including the usual built-in subtray replaced by a top slide for tailstock or counter spindle. Due to the optimization both oppositely arranged processing units can operate independently and are engaged simultaneously at all times. The technology is characterized by an increased productivity, favorable balance of power on the workpiece, a high flexibility of the machining process and various combinations of manufacturing methods. This concept has not only convinced the jury of Intec, but also the NILES-SIMMONS, who hired the former intern for a fixed job. His innovation has been used for the machine production and also enables a transmission to other series.

For this position, the young laureate has received the necessary “tools“ from his university studies: “The constructive expertise is needed here. This means that one can assess certain facts quickly, knows the functions and is able to make the required calculations“, said the engineer. Currently, Georgi manages functions and accuracy of certain subassemblies, accompanies his diploma project as a bearer of knowledge, which has already found interested buyers, and is taking care of documentary tasks. “The special machinery thrives on the fact that the customers approach the company with their individual requirements and we develop customized solutions for them“, he explains. Looking at recent industry developments, Oliver Georgi sees the focus on themes of Industry 4.0. “At present, the development and networking of embedded systems are being primarily driven forward, as well as the adaptation of intelligent monitoring and more autonomous decision-making processes“, says Oliver Georgi. As an example, he cites a project of the NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH with a company in the aerospace industry. For him, these and other recent developments are an interesting field in which he wishes to participate: ”I am satisfied with my career and hope to learn even more through my interest in this area.“

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(Author: Andy Schäfer, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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