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Welcome to Chemnitz: the representatives from the city, university, culture and many partners of TU Chemnitz welcomed the newly enrolled students during the Formal Enrollment Ceremony

In these days with the start of the winter semester 2014/2015 begins a new chapter in the life of more than 2,500 young people at Technische Universität Chemnitz. They are enrolled in one of 36 Bachelor, 55 Master or Staatsexamen study programs. On 9th of October about half of them went with their family and friends to the Formal Enrollment ceremony in the City Hall of Chemnitz. There, the freshmen were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl, the Rector of TU Chemnitz. "It is also encouraging to note that compared to the previous year there are more than 15 percent newly enrolled students from other federal states and more than 60 percent of the newly enrolled foreign students, which shows that our university has gained a high reputation also outside of the federal state of Saxony", said Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl. There are 578 new foreign students at the university this winter semester. Most of them are from China, India, Brazil, Turkey and the Czech Republic. "Learn with and from each other, build life-long networks, deal responsibly and with privilege to education", these are some of the messages that Rector gave all new students along their way. It is an important investment in the future that the society pays for the education of students. "We are here to ensure that you can complete your studies successfully", promised the Rector on behalf of a large number of university employees.

Welcome to Chemnitz

The subsequent performances and greetings to the new students highlighted the strong involvement of TU Chemnitz in the city, region and scientific community. That is why, the Artistic Director of the theater in Chemnitz, Dr. Christoph Dittrich praised the openness of TU Chemnitz for art and culture. He also invited new citizens of Chemnitz to, from time to time, make the night into a day and visit the venues of the Municipal Theater with its student-friendly prices. A fine taste of a new program on stage of the City Hall brought the French grand master of the chanson Jacques-Brel, who was in the center of attention of all guests. The Mayor of Chemnitz, Berthold Brehm, has also welcomed the new students during the Formal Enrollment Ceremony. He invited the students to participate in the development of the city alongside their studies, which is a place with many hidden beauties, to find a professional perspective and, perhaps, to grow old in Chemnitz. As a student representative, Bernd Hahn spoke on behalf of Studenteninnenrat of TU Chemnitz. He explained to the new fellow students that they are now to face the challenges of academic life on their own, and have to tackle with various choices beginning with doing their laundry, choosing their minors and up to committees’ elections.

Much applause received Veronica Helena Scholz and Erik Leichter for compiled in the form of a "Poetry Slam" the first impressions of the "freshers". For this purpose, they packed in a 15-min talk some "soul secrets" of the new students on Facebook. A little more time has spent Prof. Dr. Angelika Bullinger-Hoffmann, the Head of the Chair of the Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management for moderation of her discussion session "Where are YOU from? Where do We go?" („Wo kommen SIE her? Wo gehen WIR hin?“). Shahrukh Belem, who studies Political Science and comes from Afghanistan, Arun Sharma, the Managing Director of AIMS Next Einstein Initiative, and Holger Löbel, the Commercial Director of Baselabs GmbH, outlined from diverse perspectives the importance of education. For instance, to rebuild a destroyed country, promote international development projects or to build her/his own enterprise.

Endless cultural variety and lots of information

TU BigBand, the University Ocherstra and the University Choir as well as the drummer-duet Conrad Süß & Markus Lösch, and Jodokus band from the region of the Ore Mountains were responsible for the artistic framing of the matriculation ceremony. At the end of the event followed a nice music with free drinks, and the guests established some new contacts. With an information fair, the university also wanted to show the freshmen what makes a student life at university and in the city. It was also a presentation platform for various partners of TU Chemnitz. By the way: another platform for exchange and networking of TU Chemnitz students is on Facebook:

(Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Mario Steinebach

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