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Chemnitz University of Technology and University of Perpignan led the organisation of hybrid Winter School within the framework of the UNIVERS Alliance

As part of the European university alliance "UNIVERS - European Cross-Border University", a Winter School on the topic of "Optimization, Games and Markets" was held at Chemnitz University of Technology from November 14 to 17, 2021. The invited speakers were: Prof. Dr. Didier Aussel (University of Perpignan, France), Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt (University of Trier), Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shikhman, head of Professorship of Economical Mathematics at University of Technology, and Prof. Dr. Oliver Stein (Karlsruher Institute of Technology). A total of 35 researchers from twelve nations participated in the hybrid event. The Winter School was organized under the leadership of the University of Perpignan and Chemnitz University of Technology and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with around 10,000 euros.

“As organizers of the UNIVERS Winter School on OPTIMIZATION, GAMES and MARKETS, we were very happy to welcome at Chemnitz University of Technology nearly 35 participants from twelve countries ranging from France, Italy, and Germany to India, Ghana, and Thailand etc. Half could participate on-site and half followed the lectures online. We had 4 mini-courses designed by well-known experts in the field. Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems, Bilevel Programming, Multi-Leader-Follower Games were the topics discussed. PhD and Master students had the possibility to take part in a poster session where we awarded 2 prizes sponsored by the Faculty of Mathematics. Overall, the UNIVERS Winter School has been a great success, especially in view of the fact that young researchers could build a network hopefully leading to new research collaborations.”  Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shikhman summed it up thus.

Focus on optimization techniques

The focus of the international Winter School at Chemnitz Unviersity of Technology was on the topics "Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems", "Bilevel Programming" and "Multi-Leader-Follower Games". The background of these topics is the trend in microeconomics to use optimization techniques to model strategic and hierarchical interdependencies between market participants. The Winter School aimed to provide an introduction for graduate and undergraduate students from a mathematical perspective. The main emphasis was on mathematical modeling of different market mechanisms and their qualitative and quantitative analysis using optimization techniques.

The Winter School started with an introduction to "Bilevel Optimization" by Prof. Martin Schmidt. Prof. Didier Aussel then presented the study on "Multi-Leader-Follower Games". Later Prof. Vladimir Shikhman from Chemnitz University of Technology presented the theory of "Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems". Finally, Prof. Dr. Oliver Stein highlighted the topic "Equilibrium Selection: Multicriteria Optimization and Semi-infinite Programming".

Further events within the framework of the UNIVERS Alliance which strengthen the network of the participating partner universities

In the future, Chemnitz University of Technology will hold further events with its eight alliance partners in the UNIVERS network and offers a range of cooperative programs for students and employees to generate new connections between research groups within UNIVERS.

(Translation: Wenjie Fu)

Matthias Fejes

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