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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

According to § 13 of the Saxon Higher Education Act additional tuition fees may be charged on top of the regular semester contribution. These fees become due with the re-registration for the respective follow-up semester. Please find below a list of possible tuition fees.

Please note: tuition fees are not to confuse with the semester contribution which has to be paid by each student in addition to the tuition fees (with the exemption of guest auditors).

Tuition fees are charged in the following amount:

1. Long-term study fee* 500.00 € per term
2. Second degree studies** 350.00 € per term
3. Distance learning programs
Bachelor degree program Management und Public Sector Management
For all modules completed at TU Chemnitz:
for the 5th, 6th term:
435,00 € per term
for the 7th, 8th, 9th term:
1,160.00 € per term
for the 10th and all following terms:
400,00 € per term
4. Guest auditors 40.00 € per term

*Long-term study fees are charged for a study program if the standard period of study defined in the examination regulations of the degree program has exceeded more than 4 semesters. This applies to degree programs which result in a first university degree qualifying for a profession or in a first university degree with a state or church examination or a master degree program on the basis of a bachelor’s degree.

**For second degree studies tuition fees will only be charged if

  • a first degree program was successfully completed by the award of the diploma or master degree or the state examination at a German university and

  • the total duration of studies exceeds the standard period of study of the studies already absolved by 6 terms (e.g. the standard period of study of the first degree program lasts 9 terms and after 11 terms it was completed, then, tuition fees will not be charged for 4 terms of the second degree studies).

If a previous degree as a Bachelor’s degree or Master degree programs based on a Bachelor degree program, will not be required to pay tuition fees for a second undergraduate degree.

Upon written request TU Chemnitz may waive tuition fees partially or completely or grant a payment in installments or a deferment of payment. However, a prerequisite is that the payment all in once would mean a great hardship. A great hardship means that the payer would have serious payment difficulties when paying the whole amount directly. The Department of Academic and Legal Affairs decides upon the presence of great hardship according to § 5 sect. 5 of the "Hochschulgebühren- und -entgeltordnung" of TU Chemnitz. In order to make a request the respective form as well as further substantiating documents must be handed in by the deadline (31.01. for summer semester; 31.07. for winter semester) at the Student Service. More information can be found in the FAQ.