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Team Traction Mechanisms and Tribology

Miscellaneous Test Facilities

Strength Test Devices
  • Static and dynamic strength tests with e.g. ZWICK/ROELL, INSTRON
  • Samples: standard specimens or components, e.g. chains or other traction mechanism
  • Static tensile force: up to 250 kN
  • Dynamic tensile force (pulser): up to 100 kN
  • Possibilities of measurement: force-elongation or stress-strain behaviour, breaking force, sustainable load alternations etc.
Thermal Camera and High Speed Camera
  • Mobile thermovision camera FLIR
  • Measurement of surface temperatures (e.g. at test devices or at conveyor systems), thermal graphs, damage analysis (e.g. of jammed chain links)
  • High speed camera WEINBERGER, up to 10.000 pictures⁄second
  • Analysis of movements and breaks in single pictures or video
Optical and Laser Microscopes
  • Digital microscope KEYENCE, enlargement 25 to 1000 times
  • Laser microscop KEYENCE, resolution 1 nanometer
  • Damage analysis, surface roughness, structures and depth of wear
  • Software for CAD (Inventor, Catia), FEM (Ansys), simulation, measurements, data analysis etc.
  • Injection molding tool for plastic sliding chains
  • Possibility to use technologies as extrusion, injection molding or even analyse technologies for plastics at the institute