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Team Traction Mechanisms and Tribology
Technical Facilities

Technical Facilities

The experimental backbone for our research activities is assured by a number of test benches, which can also be used for tests related to your ordered task. The tests include:

  • Tribometer Klima
  • Tribometer „TriboSPEEDster“
  • Tribometer „TriboBoxer“
  • Tribometer „TriboOne“
  • Tribometer Stift-Scheibe
  • Cycle Test Bench for Toothed Belts und Flat Belts
  • Cycle Test Benches for Steel or Plastic Chains
  • Life Time Analysis
  • Analysis of Forces and Movement as well as Wear Characteristics
  • Tension Test Bench
  • Reverse Bending Cycle Test Bench ZRBW-2500
  • Strength Tests (static and dynamic)
  • Thermal Camera / High Speed Camera
  • Digital Microscopes (optical and laser)
  • etc.